New on-air relaionship program

Voices of Praise International Network, New York City’s # 1 praise station, is poised to launch its first ever Relationship’s program this November. This one hour show will be hosted by two Vincentians John & Vickie Andrews.

The program Let’s Talk will cover Relationships and a wide range of other topics intended to address interpersonal relationship challenges mainly between men and women. This new exciting series will broadcast LIVE on 88.9 FM and VOPTV.Net first on Tuesday, Nov. 6 at 9:00 p.m.

VOPTV, the voice of praise in Brooklyn was founded by world renowned vocal artists Brother Wayne Johnson of Trinidad and the talented Sister Cora Williamson from Guyana. This network is responsible for launching the careers of many gospel artists in the Caribbean, New York City and internationally.

Author John A. Andrews has written in many genres, including personal development and relationships. Sister Vickie Andrews is a Holy Ghost-filled believer, vocalist and relationship advocate.

Located at 1011 Utica Ave. at the corner of Tilden Ave., VOPTV broadcasts internationally and could be seen live on the Roku Box, as well as VOPTV.Net and on radio at 88.9 FM and on the telephone at 832-225-5357.