Newark City celebrates Guyana’s 46th Independence Anniversary

Deputy Mayor of Newark, New Jersey Margarita Muniz, under the auspices of Mayor Corey Booker – joined Guyanese in singing their National Anthem, before the ‘Golden Arrowhead”– Guyana’s flag – was hoisted above Newark City Hall to commemorate Guyana’s freedom from Great Britain on May 26, 1966.

Pride and commitment to love of country were seen on the faces of compatriots who turned out on Thursday, May 24 to commemorate Guyana’s 46th Independence Anniversary.

Muniz later told the expatriates in the City Hall Rotunda that she was honored to welcome them on the fourth annual event, organized by the New Jersey Guyanese American Cultural Foundation, (NJGACF). She praised the nationals for celebrating the accomplishments of their motherland and thanked them for the contributions they continue to make to the city of Newark.

The deputy mayor who oversees the Office of Neighborhood Engagement, extended wishes to Council General, Brentnold Evans, by saying that her office honors Guyana – the land of many waters, and its people. “We will continue to make a commitment to the needs of the Guyanese people who have a home here in the city of Newark.”

Guyana Consulate official Molly Berry thanked the City of Newark, for celebrating Guyana’s 46th Independence Anniversary.

“As we salute our nation, we celebrate our people, and we acknowledge the contribution of the Diaspora and urge all to rededicate and recommit to our national development,” said Berry.

“It is true that Guyana is yet to reach its full potential, but the power of the people, the leadership of government, the support of the Diaspora and the assistance of the international community in national development shouldn’t be underestimated, said the statement.

Vice President/Council Member of the North Word, Council Member-at-Large Carol M. Gonzales and others congratulated the nationals on their achievement before proclamations were handed out to President of the (NJGACF) Molly Etwaroo, and the Consulate General of Guyana and accepted by Berry.

Council Member Gonzales, then handed over citations to 98-year old Pandit Dan, Dr. Berman Saunders, Miss Guyana World 2012, Arti Cameron, singer Jerry Jhayee Elcock, and Police Officer, Richard Ramdass.

Pandit Satish Bachan, Imaam Ashraf Latif and Pastor David Mohan blessed the celebration, while Senior at Cicely Tyson School, Desira Hall, sang the American National Anthem.

In her closing remarks, NJGACF president, Molly Etwaroo, on behalf of the 1000 Guyanese residents of Newark, thanked Mayor Booker and Deputy Mayor Muniz by saying that she felt honored by the support she received from the city of Newark that has helped the Guyanese community to grow strong healthy roots within the city.

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