NY state residents deserve fair districts

Albert Baldeo.
Albert Baldeo.

Voters in New York State voted in a historic, constitutional amendment in 2014 to implement essential changes with the intent to achieve a fair and transparent process in redrawing the lines of state legislative and congressional districts. This pre-eminent redistricting process occurs every ten years, based on data obtained by the Census.

As NYS residents embark on this for the first time, we condemn the irresponsible tactics of the Republican appointed members of the unprecedented Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC), for illogically drawing a competing, conflicting version of maps that defies the census, law, data and demographic changes. Their maps further divide communities of interest.

This unfortunate impasse will only result in the unfortunate reality of incumbents choosing who they represent, instead of having constituents choose who should represent them. This strikes at the heart of democracy. We urge all members of the Commission to put aside their differences, and perform their duties in a fair and objective way.

 Albert Baldeo, United Communities Alliance

106-11 Liberty Avenue, Ozone Park, NY 11417

(917) 548-1055

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