October surprises guarantee November to remember

In this May 11, 2016 file photo, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign rally in Blackwood, N.J.
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Just as Nov. 2008 will forever be recalled as the month and year America elected Barack Obama the first Black leader to preside, regardless of the winner, Nov. 2016 will be historically documented either as the date a New York businessman who never sought political office successfully scored victory for his Republican party or that a woman broke the glass ceiling for her gender by becoming the pioneering female president of the United States.

With only days to the Nov. 8 election date, it’s a fight to the finish with polls predicting figures or a winner almost too close to call.

One week before that date, more than half US states have already opened polling stations for voters to cast a choice and yet the two candidates – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton — are jetting and sweating in battleground states in order to make a last bid effort to win leverage.

Early October, a second debate in Nevada, proved a stalemate for viewers depending on party affiliation. When polled Republicans declared the winner. Democrats also claimed victory.

A more sober, less confrontational Trump might have convinced some that indeed he was the winner. Partly attributed to better restraint, less interruptions and the fact he displayed the most presidential calm he had ever demonstrated previously he seemed prepared to argue and defend his plan to “Make America Great Again.”

Nevertheless, more than a few were convinced experience might have also played a winning role with the former Secretary of State seizing the opportunity to defend the basic principles Americans claim as democratic – that is to accept the will of the majority.

That singular defense surrounding Trump’s unwillingness to concede if he is unsuccessful on Nov. 8 won Clinton the winner of the talking point news breakers all agreed lost it for the real estate mogul.

For much of October after the debate, polsters claimed the Democrat bested her GOP challenger.

Trump seemed to have had the worst month since beating a trail of Republican, presidential, optimists during the primary elections before claiming the coveted top spot.

His October surprise emerged when up to a dozen women claimed he either groped, fondled or disrespected them.

“Enough! Donald Trump should not be president,” Condoleeza Rice, a former national security adviser and former secretary of state wrote on her Facebook page.

Ironically, prior to the GOP convention, Rice was allegedly on Trump’s shortlist to be his running mate.

Reportedly she rejected consideration of joining the Trump ticket as his vice presidential choice saying she was “not interested.”

A professor of political science at Stanford University and fellow at its Hoover Institution, Rice was conspicuously absent from the GOP convention.

By the end of October, Colin Powell, another Republican, former secretary of state also distanced himself from the party’s most accepted representative.

“Trump has sold America a bill of goods” that he cannot deliver, Powell said.

“He has insulted Latino-Americans. He has insulted African-Americans. He has insulted women. He has insulted his own party. He has insulted our allies around the world one by one. He has insulted veterans.”

The 35-year veteran and four-star Army general who served during the George W. Bush administration was the first African-American to be appointed secretary of state and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

He described his party’s nominee as a “national disgrace.”

Powell announced last week that he will vote for his diplomatic equal, the former first lady.

More than endorsing Clinton he gave an outright denouncement of his party’s choice saying Trump was “not qualified.”

Clinton seemed to coast through October as her lead increased often nearing double-digit percentages.

However, days before the end of the month, her October surprise focused on a described “bombshell” “breaking news” resurgence of her email debacle.

The surprise was that the FBI will reopen investigation of Clinton-related emails found in disgraced Anthony Weiner’s emails. Although controversial, the email issue was thought to be over and done with in July when the FBI cleared her of any wrongdoings.

Now the FBI states it is reviewing new evidence that could prove criminal.

That Trump’s groping allegations by a multiplicity of women did not seem to detract from his alluring propaganda or that he allegedly promotes a racist agenda against Mexicans and immigrants, seem oblivious to almost half of the voting population.

While there are those who consider him a loose cannon, with a plethora of outrageous, embarrassing remarks, one might have perceived that in November the race would be a done deal, over and decided.

Not so, the race is close and Trump does not seem to be losing ground but attracting huge crowds at his rallies while narrowing a gap he had widened earlier in October.

“I hope you will come out and vote because it’s going to be a close election,” Clinton told a crowd in Florida recently.

“Don’t get complacent because we’ve got to turn people out.”

The stakes are high, Clinton could silence Trump if she becomes the first female president of the United States.

The fact she already knows her way around the White House after residing there for eight years serving as first-lady when her husband William “Bill” worked from the Oval Office might further find Trump short on rhetoric.

However, the businessman who repeatedly told more than a few Celebrity Apprentices “you’re fired” and by his work ethics is reputed for topping New York real-estate with his name could leave Clinton tongue-tied if his devout and enduring supporters remain committed to his cause.

Regardless of the winner, following next week’s elections, this will be a November to remember.

“I Am Bolt” Doc Chronicles Life Of ‘World’s Fastest Human’

Fans of Usain Bolt will have an opportunity to see the world’s fastest human up close and personal and without anticipation of an athletic competition.

Reportedly, the Jamaican sprint star is the subject of a documentary.

“I Am Bolt” is the title and allegedly the telling feature is almost ready for premiere on DVD.

The film chronicles the life and triumphs of the champion athlete who not only brought glory to his island/nation but also attracted record crowds to watch him compete in Beijing, China, London, England and Brazil.

The film will first premiere in Kingston and London before a wide release later.

Recognized as a legend for winning nine Olympic gold medals and establishing world records in the 100 and 200 meters races, the topical feature is directed by Gabe and Ben Turner, the team that collaborated the hit documentaries “One Direction: This Is Us” and “Class of ’92.”

Reportedly, filming of the documentary began earlier this year prior to the Summer Rio Olympics.

Although he did not reveal much about his biopic at the time, Bolt allegedly told a British newspaper: “I’m excited to start work on this project.”

Bolt explained then “when I met Gabe and Ben and heard about their previous work, I felt they would be the right people to tell my story and capture my journey to Rio 2016. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

It’s now history that Bolt proved a crowd pleaser with crowds packing into track and field venues to see him race probably for his last Olympic games.

Regarded in the Olympic Village as one of the most sought-after athletes for photo opportunities and interviews, Bolt dolls were also a popular keepsake sold throughout the venues.

A dancehall enthusiast, Bolt is reputed to appreciate Jamaican reggae music. Some of Bolt’s favorite recorders will be heard on the soundtrack slated for release on Island Records.

The diverse compilation will include current and vintage talents including Sean Paul, Damian Marley, Vybz Kartel, R Kelly, Nas, Desmond Dekker, Beenie Man and Major Lazer.

In addition to DVD, the film will be available on Television On Demand.

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