OECS tourism ministers outline action plan

The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Council of Tourism Ministers has set out an action plan for the implementation of the recently finalized Common Tourism Policy for the sub region.

The ministers have suggested that a competitive analysis be undertaken of the region’s tourism sector with the ultimate aim of attracting increased investment.

Dr. Lorraine Nicholas program officer at the OECS Secretariat said, “the idea here is that we are able to identify what our strengths and weaknesses are via this competitive analysis then the region would be better placed to make more informed decisions when seeking to attract investment into the tourism sector.”

The council also recommended that a regional tourism awareness campaign be developed and implemented at the national level in each of the OECS member states, as well as Tourism Satellite Accounts, to more accurately measure the impact of the industry.

“As it relates to tourism awareness, when the consultants did the project the general perception was that there was a lack of awareness, a lack of understanding and appreciation of the region’s tourism sector. And so, the council agreed with the proposal in the policy to develop a regional tourism awareness campaign that would be implemented locally in members states,” Nicholas added.

The council agreed there should be joint representation at major trade show, it also wants studies to be undertaken on airlift capacity to access the air service needs of the region and to guide OECS member states’ efforts at attracting and sustaining airlift.