PAL youngsters’ tournament of Champions

PAL youngsters’ tournament of Champions|PAL youngsters’ tournament of Champions|PAL youngsters’ tournament of Champions
Young people participated in PAL’s Fitness Challenge at the Annual Tournament of Champions.

500 youngsters from the five boroughs of New York City competed in city-wide tournaments during a fun-filled day of educational games and laughter on Feb. 22 at the Police Athletic League’s (PAL) Annual Educational Tournament of Champions at PAL’s Edward Byrne Center in Queens.

Champions, ages six to 13 from PAL’s Duncan Center in Hells Kitchen, PAL’s Harlem Center and PAL’s Armory Center in Washington Heights, challenged their peers from PAL centers across the city in Checkers, Boggle, a Spelling Bee, Ping Pong, a Math Bowl, Trouble, UNO, PAL’s Fitness Challenge, Mancala, Tangram Challenges, Basketball and a Boat Expo.

The Tournament of Champions is an annual PAL event, fostering better understanding and relationships by bringing together boys and girls of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. PAL encourages youngsters to develop athletic and educational skills, and the sportsmanship qualities of discipline, fair play and healthy competition.

PAL youngsters built boats to participate in the Boat Expo Challenge to see whose vessel would float with the largest number of marbles.

New York City’s Police Athletic League is the first and finest civilian-run PAL in the country. Founded in 1914, PAL has served the city’s young people for 97 years. PAL provides recreational, educational, cultural and social activities to over 50,000 boys and girls annually. It is also the city’s largest, independent, nonprofit youth organization. For more information, please visit

Children competed in Ping Pong at PAL’s Tournament of Champions.

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