Yasus Afari in Zim.  Yasus Afari
Yasus Afari in Zimbabwe.
Yasus Afari

Plans are in place for the 18th staging of Poetry in Motion (PiM), the longest running and most successful annual event of its kind in the Caribbean, according to event organizer Yasus Afari of SenYAcum.

He said the event, which provides “clean, intelligent fun for the entire family, is an annual “edutainment festival, which features music, dance, comedy, storytelling, fashion and poetry.”

Afari told Caribbean Life that PiM, slated for Sunday, Feb. 27, will feature performances by reggae legend Errol Dunkley, Dr. Olive Senior, Lorna Goodison, Prof. Clinton Hutton, Owen “Blakka” Ellis, Trudy Knockless, Karae Brown, Sammoya Banton, Stacy-Ann Taylor, Elsa Joel (India), Primrose Lewis, Khulcha Dance Theatre, Fabian Summerville, Stephen Wise (musician-singer), Mikaya and Yasus Afari, and the PiM 2021-Golden Tongue Awardees.

Afari said that even without the usual physical audience due to the Government of Jamaica’s COVID 19 protocols, plans are afoot for the event to be held on the virtual platform, with live streaming performances on several digital platforms, including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram., from Manchester Golf Club in Mandeville, Jamaica, starting at 3:00 pm.

Poet Yasus Afari.Yasus Afari

“We are particularly delighted to have the sustained support of our Jamaican Diaspora, as well as the Afro-Caribbean Diaspora in the USA, and, in particular, the tri-state area,” Afari said. “This support was in sharp focus with previous staging of both Jamaica Poetry Festival and Poetry in Motion.

“In fact, if you look at the range of the performers, which we will present this year, it shows clearly that we appeal to an important demographic and psychographic,” he added. “This is pure, high quality edutainment for social empowerment and inspiration, especially in these challenging times, globally and what is happening here in Jamaica.

“The fact that it’s the ‘GeneratioNext — Virtual Edition,’ makes it even more appealing, far reaching and intriguing,” continued Afari, disclosing that he has established a new partnership with New York-based Sound Chat Radio.

“We are blessed and highly favored to have the professional partnership, support of Sound Chat Radio, with Irish and Chin, as well as IMAGES LLC, and we want to say a big thank you to all the persons and businesses involved in making this possible,” Afari said.

“Big Up as well to all our other partners, such as Jamaica Tourist Board, Jamaica National Group, Jamaica Public Service, the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sports, VW Investments and Jamaica TvRadio, among others,” he added. “It’s crystal clear that unity is strength, and team work makes the dream work.”