Police commish addresess Brooklyn residents’ concerns

Police commish addresess Brooklyn residents’ concerns|Police commish addresess Brooklyn residents’ concerns
Officials from left, front row, Yolaine Ridore, CM Alan Maisel, Cop of the Month, Matthew Woods, Police Commissioner, James P. ONeill, Cop of the Month, Zhana Krot, community member, Sue Ann Partnow. Back row, Chief, Brian Conroy, aide to Sen. Roxanne Persaud’s office, Jennifer Viechweg Horsford, and Capt. Terrell Anderson, commanding officer, 69th Precinct.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Police Commissioner of New York City, James P. O’Neill, during a meeting at the Hebrew Educational Society in Canarsie, Brooklyn, last Tuesday, assured residents that crime was on the decline in NYC, but noted more has to be done.

O’Neill, who said he was happy to be back in Canarsie as part of the 69th Precinct Community Council meeting to discuss issues such as noise nuisance, robbery, illegally parked cars, carjacking, blocked driveways, jaywalking and marijuana use in private areas, among other disturbances, said, because of the tremendous partnerships with the DEA, city agencies, AFT, Fire Department and EMT, his mission to keep the people in New York City safe, from traditional crimes as well as terrorism was succeeding.

Applauding the 69th Precinct for its exceptional work in keeping communities safe, the crime chief said the opioid crisis that killed more than 1000 persons last year, is under control, while the NYPD continues to focus its attention on drug dealers and arresting people committing violent crimes in NYC.

To ensure that the crime rate stays low going into 2019, Commissioner O’Neill suggests more meetings are held throughout the city, with a connection between police officers and the people they swear to protect and keep safe.

He called on the community to be familiar with patrol officers, whom he said continue to do a good job, adding, this was a great way for citizens to voice their concerns. He said during his policing counseling programs, the 69th Precinct, and 47th Precinct in the Bronx, have seen the largest turnout of citizens at community policing meetings.

“Let the police officers understand what the problems are so that you could come up with solutions together. This is how we will continue to push crime down,” said O’Neill.

Commanding Officer of the 69th Precinct, Captain, Terrell Anderson said while grand theft auto was a problem in various communities there has been a historic low of the number of cars stolen due to targeted criminal groups and surveillance by police officers.

Captain Anderson, who answered questions posed to Commissioner O’Neill, in addressing crime, assured residents that loud noise from parties that brings on violence and underage drinking, is monitored and offenders ticketed or arrested.

He said 170 unregistered vehicles that clogged streets last year, were towed and explained that even though his precinct has stepped up efforts, this remains a citywide problem, but urged residents to stay connected to its @Twitter for further information.

Additionally, the crime unit will be working on solutions that would cut robberies, scams via social sites, Craig’s List, drag racing, illegal marijuana use, and all major concerns raised to keep the community safe.

Capt. Anderson presented officers Zhana Krot, and Matthew Woods, with certificates, for their bravery. The officers tracked down a stolen vehicle with siblings, and safely returned them to their family.

Aide, Jennifer Viechweg Horsford, on behalf of Sen. Roxanne Persaud, 19th SD, also presented the officers of the month with certificates, while the 69th Precinct honored Commissioner O’Neill with a plaque for his commitment to fighting crime in New York City.

Chief Brian Conroy, Gardy Brazela, president, Melba Brown, vp, Yolaine Ridore, treasurer, Lucina Clarke, secretary, Nadine Grumbs, sergeant of arms, Glady Egwuonwu, asst. secretary, were at the head table.

Council Member Alan Maisel, District 46, District Leader, Sue Ann Partnow, President of 69th Precinct Community Council, Gardy Brazela, also made remarks at the community meeting that attracted more than 100 residents.

Members of the community turned at the 69th Precinct Community Council meeting attended by NY Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

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