A fresh face, engaging vibe and new musical energy; the newest female entertainer on the soca scene is as beautiful as she is talented, and while this is a precedence set by Trinidad and Tobago — the land of beauty and talent, there’s no denying that this young entertainer is ready to put in the work.

Tammy Gee doubles up as a DJ and artist. She has had the advantage of being a part of the bustling entertainment industry both locally- from her early years growing up with her brother, a DJ, in South Trinidad, to her years spent in London where she too assented to the realm of turntables and music consoles, spinning the music she came to know and love from her childhood into maturity.

For six years, Tammy G who goes by the sobriquet, President Tammy on the soca circuit, delivered musically behind the mixing board. Now, she is stepping to the front, prepared to turn heads and enjoy every moment of her newfound passion. “I spent six years in London, after finishing school in Trinidad, and now I’ve made the conscious decision to return home. There’s no place like T&T. Our culture is increasingly yearned for by people who experience it, even just once; can you imagine how those of us who are from here and migrate for one reason or another, really feel?” she asked.

Jumping into the ‘J’ouvert’ foray, the vibrant Southerner teamed up with 4Tune Productions on a single called, “All Kinda T’ing.”

In true Trini fashion, President Gee delves into storytelling with an honest rhetoric and zestful spirit. Coupled with the rhythm’s near monotone expression, the vibe of a good J’ouvert morning chip through the streets, can almost be felt. “J’ouvert is a very special part of carnival and while most artistes tend to give the people music for the Road March and fetes, I felt it was important for me to start off by contributing to that element of our culture that’s unique and in some ways, really kicks off the beauty of Carnival — the mas,” said the artist.

Tammy is taking her music in slow, but carefully calculated stride. She understands the competition faced in the Caribbean music arena and is up for the challenge. “I’m patient and hard working. I’m prepared to push hard and hone my craft. I’m getting my feet wet for 2020, and beyond that I can guarantee, there’ll be no question as to my dedication to delivering soca,” she assured.