QCAANY Chapter brings Christmas cheer to Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry

QCAANY Chapter brings Christmas cheer to Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

The motto of the Queen’s College of Guyana High School is — Lawful and Helpful Everywhere — a dictum that has held true to the stellar work the former students continue to do, and demonstrated with humility on Dec. 9, when the New York Alumni Chapter dedicated its service to humanity by volunteering at Calvary’s Mission Food Panty in Richmond Hill, Queens.

The organizing committee, led by Sherrilyn McPherson, included Patrick Stephens, Corrine Locke, (whose brilliant idea it was) — Selwyn Hestick, Karen Wharton, president, and others, who participated in the Day of Service initiative, volunteering to pack and share nourishing food at the pantry, that serves many underprivileged citizens every Saturday.

“We at QC have a tradition of giving back, especially at Christmas time. We recognize the great work that is being done, not only in helping at home but here, and being a part of the community in the spirit of giving,” said McPherson.

Wearing tee shirts emblazoned with the school’s logo, and the word ‘Volunteer,’ the group organised food stations, and later packed the bags and carts of hungry New Yorkers, who McPherson said, the organization was honored to serve, and commended Tony Singh, founder of Calvary’s Food Pantry, for giving his time 365 days a year to help others.

The QCAANY which continually plans programs such as the annual Math Institute to help students develop their adeptness towards STEM accomplishment, and the student conference that reaches approximately 200 students from Queen’s College and other Georgetown schools each year — has demonstrated its commitment to education.

Wharton said the 27-year-old alumni association was part of the community. “We really want to feel and be an integral part of this community and Guyana. We are immensely impressed with what Tony is doing, and we want to do whatever we can to the best of our ability, and to shine a spotlight on what he is doing to encourage other organizations to also participate.

“We are building a community, and it is also important that we help each other. We are our brothers and sisters’ keeper, and we demonstrate that to the entire Guyanese community, said Wharton, adding, I am very proud of the organizing committee for implementing this effort, all we had to do, is show up.”

Wharton thanked Lorraine Croft-Farnell, president of the St. Rose High School Alumni Association, NY, and others, who responded to the call to volunteer. “We are grateful to everyone who came out to volunteer, to whom much is given, much is expected. QC students have been given lots of opportunity in Guyana and we feel we owe our community more than a mode of gratitude. We thank Tony for opening his doors. We are grateful to be working side by side with him to help our community.”

Patrick Stephens pointed out that there is not enough “we can do to help others who are less fortunate, whether they’re homeless or hungry. I am very happy to be here.”

Consul General Barbara Atherly, who participated in the “day of service and appreciation Christmas party,” acknowledged those who volunteered, stating, “there are people still in the business of giving, often times we are caught-up with work, but it is important to remember the needy.”

Singh who opened the pantry in January 2000 to feed a few needy citizens, has seen the numbers grow to scores of people in the community, who, sun, snow or rain arrive at Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry to be served.

“I am happy to have the Queen’s College Alumni Association NY, here. It is better to give than to receive, said the humanitarian, and garment manufacturing professional, who is raising funds to acquire a multi-purpose space to share his skills, while promoting other programs to educate his community.

Calvary’s Mission is an international Christian hunger and humanitarian development relief organization. The non-profit delivers food, medicine, clothing and other necessities to individuals, children and families in need.

Calvary’s Mission Food pantry is located at 102-16 89th Ave., Richmond Hill. Join the conversation on Facebook to volunteer.