Reggae Jazz Fest 2015 gets an ‘A+’

“The future is looking bright for the development and preservation of the cultural links between Caribbean and African-American music and dance in the Diaspora, thanks to the likes of George Crooks (Jamaican-American and Craig Freeman (African-American) of Jammins Events and their associates,” observed Dr. Dexter McKenzie, MD, a private physician and a lecturer at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, who is also a musician and community organizer.

Audiences have expressed satisfaction with the quality of the entertainment rendered by the master ‘balladist’ Beres Hammond and the virtuoso Monty Alexander at the two just concluded weekend concerts.

It was also reported that patrons were exceptionally pleased with the level of comfort and the feeling of safety afforded at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn.

Additionally, the quality of the sound system at both events, was met with high praise. Sound engineering was provided by Trinidad and Tobago-born, Mr. Ping.

Overall, Monty Alexander — the master jazz pianist whose versatility in jazz spans five decades and displays infusions of just about every other known genre of music — was on a roll with his smoothe grooving band from the first to the last second of his extended performance.

And equally entertaining, Beres Hammond — the veteran, unwavering master “balladist” in reggae, who consistently pleases audiences world-wide, wherever folks know and relish an infectiously soothing voice which sings classic love stories — was in perfect form.

The commendable sponsors of this Jammins Events production are Western Union, Bartenura, VP Records Radisson Hotel and Triple T Production; while part of the proceeds would be donated to the American Foundation for the University of the West Indies Scholarship Fund (AFUWI).

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