Remembering the victims of September 11

Remembering the victims of September 11
NY City Police Department

The brave ones, whose fate ended in a catastrophe on Sept. 11, 2001 in America, continue to rekindle the strength and the determination of some, to never forget the calamities of that fateful day. On Tuesday morning, Sept. 6, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams held the 2nd annual remembrance service at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall to embrace the sacrifices of the fallen.

The Borough president in his welcoming remarks to several representatives from the New York City Police Department, The NY City Fire Department, families and friends of victims, asked that the community turns its painful moments into helpful ones, “let us assist in ways that we can, as we continue to carry the memories of Sept. 11 in our hearts.” Borough President Adams noted. In a highly appreciative manner Adams asked that the community continues to assist and uplift the families of the victims. The Borough president also praised the excellent police practices of the NY City Police Department to prevent another attack in the city.

Keynote speaker NY City Commissioner of Police William Bratton said that although New York City still feels the lost of that horrific day in the life of city residents and the rest of the nation, “we must do what we must, and continue moving forward. Our way of life is worth fighting for.” Bratton said the legacy of the fallen on that day is now a part of the American history, and honoring their courage is worthy. He also spoke about the sacrificial work of the service men and women in NY City and the commissioner expressed gratitude for the bravery of those on the front line.

Family members of the fallen, some of them direct descendants, spoke about the lives and memories of their families who died. One such person was Vernon Richard the second, whose father was the late Captain Vernon Richard of the NY City Fire Department. Richard said it was a critical time for his family, when his father died. In speaking to his two children, Lelia Richard and Vernon Richard the third both unborn at the time, said they felt that it was great to learn all they could about the life of their grandfather in a heroic way, but the message was mixed as they were sadden when they reflected on the grief that surrounded this history.

Evelyn Zelmanowitz, relative of Abe Zelmanowitz another Sept. 11 victim, thanked the Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams for helping to keep the Sept. 11 horrific experience in the forefront. “I am glad that the Borough president puts this in place, as this was a time of despicable evil,” Zelmanowitz noted.

New York State and City public officials attending the remembrance service included state Senator Martin Golden and New York City Councilwoman, Laurie Cumbo, Chief of the Fire Department of NY City, James Leonard, First Deputy Commissioner, New York City Police, Benjamin Tucker and Commander, United States Army, Garrison Fort Hamilton Colonel Peter Sicoli. They all concurred that the memories of Sept. 11 will continue to live in our communities and participation in events such as the remembrance service helps strengthens these memories and the sacrifices made by the NY City Police Department, the NY City fire fighters as well as other first responders on Sept. 11.