Rhythm Catcher Int’l goes to ‘Wonderland’

Rhythm Catcher Int’l goes to ‘Wonderland’|Rhythm Catcher Int’l goes to ‘Wonderland’|Rhythm Catcher Int’l goes to ‘Wonderland’
Patrida Stuart portrays “Queen of the Pack – High Waist Panty.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

With “multi-national” masqueraders, Rhythm Cather International is going to “Wonderland” on Labor Day, says co-designer Dawn Hector.

“Our masquerades can enjoy an experience of the best for Labor Day, because our preparation is up-to-date with planning, with the kind assistance of our volunteers,” Trinidadian Hector, who is designing the band with her compatriot Debbie Parris, told Caribbean Life Wednesday night.

Hector said “Wonderland” comprises three sections: Queen of the Pack, Drink Me and D Sassy Hatterz.

She said all sections comprise female masqueraders, with D Sassy Hatterz including “a male costume.”

Up to 100 masqueraders are expected in each section, Hector said.

“We are performing at the uttermost best this year,” she said. “Over the years,” she said.

Hector said Rhythm Catcher International was formed in 2012 by band leader Trinidadian Anton Reynolds “to allow the West Indians to enjoy playing mas for Labor Day.”

The mas camp is located at 789 Rogers Ave., between Martens and Linden Boulevard in Brooklyn.

For more information, contact Hector at dawn_mojisola_inspriations @indecisiverproduction1; or call Parris at (347) 744-8122.

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