Roger Gary named stylist to Miss World Guyana 2022

Miss World Guyana 2022 Andrea Sophia Crystal King and Brookly-based designer Roger Gary, after meeting for the first time in Georgetown, Guyana.
Miss World Guyana 2022 Andrea Sophia Crystal King and Brookly-based designer Roger Gary, after meeting for the first time in Georgetown, Guyana.
Photo courtesy Roger Gary

Brooklyn-based fashion designer, and runway producer, Roger Gary, was appointed stylist to the reigning Miss Guyana World 2022, Andrea Sophia Crystal King, who will be competing at the 71st beauty pageant in May 2023, after a delay in the 2021 edition, due to COVID 19.

Gary, an award-winning couturier, who has outfitted scores of contestants for the Miss World, and Miss Universe, among others, told Caribbean Life in a recent interview in Georgetown, that he met with the 25-year-old professional digital creator, who will wear creations from his collection, while attending events on the sideline of the pageant.

The designer said he looks for several qualities in a queen when it comes to styling her for such a prestigious pageant, and noted that her personality is tops, while her height and physique will also help him to choose the best outfits she will showcase on the world stage.

Gary who is known for dressing models in his alluring Aqua Couture swimwear and dazzling evening gowns, seen on runways across the Caribbean and North America, is eager to work with the queen, who will be competing in creations by other Guyanese designers, as she competes in Beauty with a Purpose, and talent competitions, won by previous Guyanese queens.

He explained that being a contestant is not only about learning to walk in stilettos and wearing an evening gown, but also being fully prepared for the Q&A segment. “The contestants are brilliant young ladies, and must work hard to present themselves as such,” he said.

The fashion expert praised Miss Guyana World franchise holder, Natasha Blu Martindale, for the excellent work she has been doing over the years, preparing the young ladies for the fierce competition, while ensuring that they receive the same type of guidance upon their return.

He blames a few who have used social media to send bullying messages to former queens and is happy that the Miss World Guyana organization has supported and provided counseling sessions for these ladies, who still  have to navigate their lives after such a worldly experience.

He complimented the contestant on putting her best foot forward, and wished her the very best in the pageant.

The queen told Caribbean Life via text messaging, that she met Gary for the first time when he returned to Guyana recently, and the meeting went well. “We spent some time fitting pieces he brought with him for a photo shoot and talking about what to expect during my time away for the competition,” she said.

“As my stylist, I expect him to really tap into his creativity, flair and all the inside tips and tricks he would have picked up over the years as a designer,” said King.

“My sense of style is very unique- it’s dynamic. It isn’t something that I can explain in words because my style isn’t just about clothing. It’s what I wear, how I wear it, the energy I give off, how I feel in what I wear- all those things combined.”

The queen told this publication that she likes street style, urban, professional, posh/chic, sporty, preppy, “you name it, I have it in my wardrobe. I love playing around with fashion. It’s my way of expression.”

“After meeting me in person, he now has a better understanding of who I am and what my style is. We had a good time together during his brief visit. He has a very kind, loving and fun personality,” said the beauty queen.

In addition to Gary, Miss World Guyana glam squad includes Quinton Pearson, Sidney Francois, Olympia Small, Keisha Edwards, Keith Allicock, and Renee Chester.