Say no to the International Court of Justice

1. Prior to Spain Britain and the other European countries colonizing this part of the world, several nation states existed but they came and used unjustifiable force on the native citizens to take away their territories from them and colonized the entire region.

2. The Guatemalan claim to Belize is based on a treaty that was signed between Spain and Portugal in the Treaty of Tordesillas with Pope Alexander the V1 giving Spain ownership to all the people and territories in the Western Hemisphere including Belize in 1493 which is unlawful.

3. Even though Spain was given legal possession of Belize in the treaty of 1493, Spain never occupied, developed or established any form of administration in Belize.

4. In September of 1798, Spain attacked the British in an attempt to retake Belize from them but the British along with their slaves fought to resist them and retained the territory.

5. Because Spain obtained Belize and all the territories through unlawful means, they never possessed Real Title to Belize or any of the territories in the Western Hemisphere. In fact, the people who have and continue to live in these territories all need to come together to file a joint law suit against Spain for the atrocities, genocide, minerals taken from their land and all damages caused to their people and nation.

6. When the countries of Central America declared themselves independent in 1821 and formed the Central American Republic, the included Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala Belize was not a part of them because they saw Belize as a separate nation.

7. Belize became a British Colony in 1862, self-governed in 1964 and an independent and sovereign nation on Sept. 2, 1981. It was also accepted by member states of the United Nations.

8. Guatemala signed a treaty with Great Britain in 1859 ceding Belize to the British and to end all hostilities towards Belize that was inherited by them from Spain their mother country. After the treaty was signed the borders and boundaries of Belize was established and recognized by both countries.

9. If the Guatemalans had a problem with the British for not abiding by the terms of the treaty, Guatemala has the right to bring a case against the British at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for non-compliance to seek redress. Guatemala has failed to do this since they signed the treaty.

10. The people of Belize has their right to self-determination in accordance with International Law to choose their own destiny. Belize do not want to be under the jurisdiction of Guatemala. Belize is a nation of various ethnic groups and their desire is to remain living in peace and tranquility as one people.

11. Guatemala has one of the worse human rights record in Central America for committing genocide against the native Maya Indians. Before they established their nation, Spain did the same thing to them. Belizeans are fearful that the same can happen to them.

12. Taking this dispute to the ICJ will result in Belizeans given up their future to the court which can result in the loss of land, liberty and justice, national identity because Belizeans could be forced to become Guatemalans against their free will.

13. If the court rules in favor of Guatemala, they will cross the borders and come into Belize to take what the court says belongs to them. On the other hand if the court rules against them, they might still stick to claiming our beloved country Belize.

14. The Compromis Agreement to take the Guatemalan dispute to the ICJ is in violation of our constitution, which clearly defines our territory of Belize. In our constitution it is also stated, that any decision to cede our land, or maritime areas must be brought to the citizens of Belize to be decided in a referendum vote. The question to be voted on in the ICJ referendum pertains to land cession and we were not given the opportunity to decide on the question.

11. If Belize does not go to ICJ, we lose nothing; however, if we do go and Guatemala wins the case, we will lose part of Belize, from Sibun River to the Sarstoon.

12. Do you want Belize to disappear as a nation? From Sibun River to Sarstoon River will be for Guatemala. In addition, although Mexico is not claiming Belize; but if the division is done, should Guatemala win the case, then Mexico automatically is by that decision owner of the rest of Belize, from Sibun River to Rio Hondo. This means Belize will no longer be!

13. There will be a severe psychological, cultural and language mal-adjustment and trauma for the people if the southern part of Belize is given to Guatemala which will take decades to overcome, if it can actually be overcome.

14. Do Belizeans in the west and south want to belong to Guatemala? If yes, go to ICJ. If not, say no, no, no to ICJ.

15. This is an Anglo- Guatemalan Dispute. “Anglo” means British. How come Belize is now in it, and at stake? Let Britain solve their dispute with Guatemala, if there is any. However, they must respcect our territorial integrity and independence too. Belize did not, cannot inherit the dispute. Belize is independent with defined boundaries. United Nations accepted Belize as a nation, because it is a nation, separate from Guatemala. Belize got its independence from England, not from Guatemala.

16. We cannot trust ICJ because they have ulterior interests, backed up by a couple powerful nations who want Belize to be a part of Guatemala.

17. Government of Belize has not had the courage, the “balls” to tell Guatemala in a firm way that their claim is unfounded and void, that Belize will never relinquish a square centimeter of our land. On the contrary, they allow Guatemala to take the initiative to say what will be done.

18. Guatemala failed to ratify the treaty within the stipulated 6 months done in 1862 with the British, and when they did, she (Guatemala) was informed by the British Government that the treaty had lapsed with Guatemala’s failure to meet its requirements and that Great Britain would not comply with it.

Anyway, Belize got its independence from England but IF a crooked, unbiased, unjust decision comes up we will not relinquish our land. We had our independence from England and we will demand it from Guatemala as well. Belize is for Belizeans!!!

Belizeans say no, no, no to ICJ!!!

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