Sen. Parker honors Gregory Robeson Smith Jr, Grandmaster of Lodge

Gregory Robeson Smith Jr., the Most Worshipful Grandmaster of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge State of New York was recently honored by Sen. Kevin Parker at a special ceremony in Albany, during the concluded annual New York State Association of Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic & Asian Legislators Inc. Legislative Caucus Conference.


“It is an honor to give this well-deserved recognition to the Most Worshipful Grand Master,” said Senator Parker. “In his capacity he has done a yeoman’s job in holding members to the creed of making good men better and unity in all endeavors.”




Smith is a graduate of Morehouse College and received his master’s degree from Long Island University, in New York. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies and is Regional Vice President at the Compass Group North America.


A fifth-generation Mason, Smith grew up in the organization and has been a part of the system for more than 45 years. Due to his tenacity and work ethic, he was chosen by his mentor to serve as Assistant to the Committee on Foreign Correspondence (CFC). Working there for a few years he was appointed Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Correspondence until he received his 33rd and last degree and subsequently the 59th Grand Master of the Lodge.