Some facts for a change…

The phrase ” Zero tolerance for antisemitism ” drawn on a carton banner in hand.
Photo by Andrii Koval/Getty Images

We all continue to hear the chants of the anti-Semitic protestors that Israel is an apartheid state and is practicing apartheid. Well, let’s have a look at the facts. 6,000 Muslims have been killed by Israel during armed conflict since 2015. Almost entirely in response to attacks on Israel. When it comes to killing Muslims, Israel isn’t close to its neighbors in that regard. Al-Assad of Syria is responsible for 350,000 Muslims deaths. Sadam killed some 60,000 of his fellow Muslims in Iraq.

The war between Iraq and Iran killed around 1,000,000 Muslims with another 1,000,000 injured. So one might ask where were the protestors calling for a cease fire? Where were the protestors demanding humanitarian aide? The fact is that the most proficient and committed killers of Muslims are other Muslims. But the world only protests Israel. They chant that Israel is an apartheid state. That is complete rubbish. Here are just some of the facts. More than 1,000 Muslims volunteer to serve in the Israeli military. Arabs serve in the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament. Arab Ramiz Jaraisy was mayor of the Israel city of Nazareth and Muslim Khaled Kabub sits on the Israel Supreme Court. Can any Muslim country say the same about Jews in their countries?  Add to that, there are 1,700,000 Muslims living in the state of Israel. By contrast there are just four Jews living in Syria, only five Jews left in Iraq and none left in Jordan…!!!

 Let us not forget that a recent poll showed that 57% of Gazans support Hamas’ policy of war with Israel. That same poll shows that 70% of Gazans oppose a two-state solution that would have them living in peace with Israel as a neighbor.
 So, I would not expect the protestors to acknowledge any of the above but thought it might be of interest to you…