Something they will long regret

Donald Trump reacts during Republican presidential debate at Milwaukee Theatre, Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015, in Milwaukee.
Associated Press / Jeffrey Phelps, File

Donald Trump’s stupid boast that republicans were going to outshine democrats, as far as having more interested republicans than democrats when stuff got underway, was just more of the same. The guy just seems unable to resist saying crap. The fact that the democratic convention had a lot about it that got lots of folks interested enough, outshining Trump, is all that needs be said. That being the case, we present all you should need to know about why this Trump person is no one you should be speaking about regarding something important like the presidency of the United States.

For starters, Trump should not, as we commented before, be able to even try to become president with his being an unrepentant racist. Trump made this abundantly clear to anyone who did not know it before, in the way he treated the president of the United States ever since Mr. Obama took office. The fact that someone thought it perfectly in order that Mr. Obama merited Trump’s callous disrespect says all we need to know about what the Trump name involves.

Trump has made no bones about the rough manner certain Americans need to be handled. Americans who apparently should have their status made null and void, all because this individual doesn’t believe that these citizens should no longer be considered legitimate partners of what they had acquired. The fact that legitimate members of the American community could be irrationally transformed into something so appalling makes the individual responsible for it nothing less than having the mind of a lunatic.

It takes someone with a mind most of us could never imagine to conclude that a Medal of Honor and Purple Heart recipient should be subjected to unbelievable disgrace. This is what Trump thought appropriate for the Medal of Honor individual who became the most recent case of Trump displaying absolutely no respect. His ridiculous comment about former soldier Humayun Khan is unfortunately the kind of crap of which we’ve gotten accustomed as par for the course with this idiot.

Trump’s delay about releasing his finance has been such that the public should not be surprised if he eventually says to the folks that he concluded it was none of their business. He of course is the sort of individual who thinks there’s nothing wrong with telling folks precisely that.

Having gotten to a point this time around that is beyond so-called attempts at election that he has undertaken in previous years, we have gotten the most instructive idea of what he’s all about as a candidate. So far in the campaign, Trump has probably scared people big time and one would assume there’s more to come. We feel quite comfortable that the pattern already being heard, of persons who have previously identified themselves as republican supporters, will increasingly make themselves known to be non-supporters of Trump. We feel very strongly that the number of republicans getting scared over what the candidate is all about will steadily continue.

All of which makes our understanding of what went down when Trump and a bunch of others said they wanted to be the 2016 candidate, something we remain unable to understand. The fact that republicans couldn’t do what was necessary to have this guy become a non-event when there was time enough to do so, is something they will regret for many moons.

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