Son of a NYC slumlord

As many of us, I am extremely disturbed by the accusations, etc. directed towards our president by the likes of Donald Trump, that I feel we must be compelled to take action.

I demand a statement from the Black community at large condemning this ongoing racist attack on President Obama, our commander- in-chief, and the first Black president in the history of the United States of America.

What is most disturbing to me is that this latest and most blatant broadside on our president has been perpetrated by — from my sources, the son of a New York City slumlord, who — if it had not been for his millions — perpetrated on the backs of Blacks and Hispanics and other poor souls — there would not be a Donald Trump.

More recently, I have been led to believe that Donald Trump only has use for Black people that he can use to justify a means; such as the case when he enlisted the help of Mel Farr in Detroit to try to obtain one of three gaming licenses that were being vied for in that city.

I would appreciate the opportunity to assist in this undertaking, should my contribution be deemed worthy!


John Daye

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