Spice talks childhood, music with fans

Spice talks childhood, music with fans|Spice talks childhood, music with fans|Spice talks childhood, music with fans|Spice talks childhood, music with fans
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International dancehall singer Spice, met with fans and performed at an Apple Store in Manhattan on Nov. 26.

The Jamaican performer — known for her gutsy and raunchy hits — visited the Soho location to discuss the release of her latest mixtape, “Captured,” and performed her new single “Genie.” She also talked about the precedented controversy leading up to the release of the record.

In October, Spice raised eyebrows after sharing a lighter image of herself on her social media platform, in promotion of the new project. Several fans assumed the singer bleached her skin. She later revealed she did not actually lighten her complexion, and the image was part of a marketing strategy to raise awareness and challenge colorism in the music industry.

During a question-and-answer session with guests at the event, Spice voiced her experiences with colorism, and the discrimination she faces because of her darker skin tone. She also spoke about her decision to use shock value to address the larger issue of same race prejudice. The singer ardently spoke to the audience about her mission to end colorism, and curbing the perpetuating attitudes.

“Captured” is a solo-managed project Spice worked on independent of her label. At the event she mentioned the challenges she encountered while doing it alone. And the project earned her a number one spot on the Billboard Reggae chart two weeks ago.

Her latest video “Romantic Mood” was released on Nov. 29

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