Taking advantage of opportunities in social media technology

To The Editor:

We invite Caribbean Life readers you to: Learn What Social Media and Technology can do for your business!

They’ll understand how to prepare and access opportunities in technology for trade and to aid the growing crisis here and in the countries we left behind!

In 2009, Mayor Bloomberg’s office designed a roadmap with eight initiatives vested with a $400 million fund to ensure that New York City maintains (or whenever) (or whenever) its position as the media capital of the world.

The MediaNYC 2020 initiative, FashionNYC2020 and The Startup America Partnership; a coalition of mentors, advisers, funders, major corporations and service providers are prepared to deliver strategic and substantive resources to help entrepreneurs start and scale their companies

Yet, ask the average Indie designer, or”Mom and Pop” business; you’ll find they have no idea that these plans exist, what these mean or how to leverage or access them.

On June 8 we will look at opportunities in technology that can easily be adopted and address solutions for “Bridging the Digital Divide”! This event will be held at Tropical Paradise Ballroom on Utica Avenue, Brooklyn.

The second event targets the fashion sector and will be held on June 11 at Cadman Plaza Library. It will include a how-to session on starting a fashion business using new media and technology — an open discussion with independent Brooklyn designers, led by Designer Bonnie Sandy who for the past six years has tested many platforms. It will include also a presentation through the pros and cons of the latest general and specific apps and social media tools that apply to fashion!

Readers interested in getting more information or to sponsor, support or arrange an event for their organization, please go to: www.Sony411.com They must rsvp!

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