Tarrus Riley celebrates ‘Heartbreak Anniversary’

Tarrus Riley takes it to Lover’s Rock with new release “Heartbreak Anniversary.”
Sameel “Samo Kush I” Johnson

Tarrus Riley continues to push the boundaries of Jamaican musicianship with this latest single, “Heartbreak Anniversary.”

“This new release is a chart-topping single originally recorded by Grammy Nominated artist Giveon, with a rootsy, lovers rock feel that has a pop to it,” Brooklyn-based, Jamaican publicist Ronnie Tomlinson, of Destine Media, told Caribbean Life.

Coming off the heels of his recent release album, “Healing” — which housed smash hits like “Lighter,” featuring Shenseea, title track “Healing,” and “My Fir,” featuring Dexta Daps — Tomlinson said “Heartbreak Anniversary” is “merely another fun exercise in music for this iconic reggae superstar.”

She said Riley, who was introduced to “Heartbreak Anniversary” by his daughter, “immediately fell in love with the melody, the soulfulness and the lyrics of the song.”

Tomlinson said Riley wanted to hear the track in a reggae style, once again showcasing his “thinking outside the box musical art.”

Produced by Kareem “Remus” Burrell for XTM Nation, she said “it was an amazing experience” producing “Heartbreak Anniversary.”

“It’s always an incredible experience working with Tarrus Riley, as well as working collaboratively with Dean Fraser on this track,” Burrell said. “This production just came from Singy casually saying ‘Reems that tune ya bad, we coulda lovers rock it easily.’”

To supplement the sheer presence and energy of the song, Tomlinson said Tarrus and his team shot “a crispy heartwarming video set.”

“In this well-produced visual take on the single, Riley can be seen serenading a group of his female fans in the cool hills of St Andrew, Kingston Dub Club,” she said. “It begins with a narrative that isn’t very far from the actual story of the song, and then blossoms into a mini video concert with an all women audience.

“Change, if we are honest, is a most difficult thing that requires sturdy character and great courage — something that Tarrus Riley manages to make look easy,” Tomlinson added. “His fearless approach to the real and true passion he possesses for music is evidenced in his consistently growing range and diversity.”

She said “Heartbreak Anniversary” matches “the energy and sentiments of the original track by Giveon, but takes a sonic route that reflects the musical DNA of genres like jazz, reggae, dancehall and, of course, R&B.

“The Jamaican icon manages to blend and seamlessly dance between these genres with masterful fluidity,” Tomlinson said.

“From his entry into the scene in early 2004 up until ‘Heartbreak Anniversary,’ Tarrus Riley has proven himself a true paragon of musical innovation,” she added.

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