Tiny but an efficient place to call home

Tiny but an efficient place to call home|Tiny but an efficient place to call home
From left Ian Ninerve of Green Power Associates, Corbett and Grace Lunsford and NY State Senator Kevin Parker.
Raven Robinson

With climate change and energy conservation seen as major aspects of most global summits, it is no surprise then to have a “state of the art” energy efficient “Tiny Lab House” launched out on the lawn of the historic Wyckoff House Museum on Clarendon Road and Ralph Avenue in Brooklyn.

The mobile exhibit moves across America as a demonstration for enthusiastic supporters, proving that “your home is a system.” The masterpiece is the brain child of Grace and Corbett Lunsford now on their eighth stop since leaving St. Augustine, Florida in April 2016. The Lunsfords with the assistance of lead sponsor Green Power Associates and its Energy Advisor Ian Minerve, are giving New York City the opportunity through a series of workshops to learn about home performance and sustainable energy resources.

Applauding the work and safety of the “Tiny Lab House” was the ardent supporter for energy efficiency, Ranking Democratic member on the State Committee for Energy and Telecommunication, State Senator Kevin Parker. Senator Parker was on hand to extend heartfelt gratitude to the main sponsor, Green Power Associates’ Ian Ninerve, who made this possible for Brooklyn to be the site for this project. In his conversation, the senator said Green Power Associates helps highlight energy efficiency, family health and safety to help educate home owners and renters. “It is important that the public has an opportunity to be aware of sustainable energy resources and how to properly pre-diagnose issues in their home,” Parker further added.

Grace and Colbert Lunsford were enthused that they can share the idea with home owners, who may have fears and concerns about the 8 by 24 house. The “Tiny Lab House” cost less than $125,000 to be constructed “and it proves that your home could perform more efficiently if the home is built to quality standard,” Grace Lunsford noted. “It is home diagnosis on the road,” she added. The Lunsford hosts two-hour workshops everyday in the “Tiny Lab House” while they are in Brooklyn, on home performances. The workshop exposes consumers and contractors alike on how to live healthy and in the meantime operate in as a much limited space.

“Proof is Possible” will continue its journey to another 12 cities across America. The journey ends in January 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Lunsfords are also looking ahead for their upcoming TV show on PBS for Summer 2017. Grace and Corbett thank everyone involved, including their sponsor, Green Power Associates, Brooklyn’s State Senator Kevin Parker for participating and supporting sustainable energy resources and the Wyckoff House Museum for allowing them to station their “Tiny Lab House” on the museum’s grounds.

NY State Senator Kevin Parker with Grace and Corbett Lunsford in the “Tiny Lab House.”
Raven Robinson

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