Trini DJ yearns for soca to fully go mainstream

Trinidadian-born DJ Spice of says he’s among soca aficionados and purveyors hoping for the solidification of the soca music genre on the international music market.

In 2008, DJ Spice said that, when he made the decision to “do something for the culture,” he envisioned an international music spectrum, inclusive of Caribbean artistes, DJs and personalities.

To date, he said his mission continues. Forty years in the DJing and music business, Spice, who resides in New York City, said he has “taken on the massive undertaking” and has no plans of slowing down.

In fact, as one of the only Caribbean DJs who has worked at major mainstream radio stations, such as Power105FM, Hot 97, 105.9FM and WBLS in New York — and now Sirius XM Satellite Radio — Spice said on Monday that his inroads are being made “strategically and certainly with powerful intention.”

“, a powerful tool that has proven effective in bridging the gap between Caribbean nations, remains as active today as it has ever been,” said DJ Spice, stating that his company employs the services of several prominent names in the music business; among them: DJ Stephen, Walshy Fire, Willy Chin, Dr. Jay, Freeze International, The Wassi One, Barry Hype and Deejay Puffy.

“For these DJs who hold the arsenal of soca music power in their music libraries, the opportunities for expansion and growth are endless,” Spice added. “The DJs at TeamSoca are carefully selected and maintained based on their quality and standard.”

He also highlighted that the network “affords” DJs to break new ground, based on their affiliations.

“My network becomes their network and vice versa,” said DJ Spice, adding that each DJ comes fully equipped with their personal studio and is able to deliver online from the comfort of their personal space.

He said soca music is played “around the clock” at, stating that “it’s only a matter of time before an interested party or parties make the choice to lift the soca genre to its rightful position in the music market.

“All it truly takes is the interest of one person to spark a shift,” Spice said. “I’ve made it my mission to keep the conversations about soca going, within the spaces that I personally occupy.”

In 2022, as Soca King, Machel Montano, celebrated 40 years in the soca music industry, DJ Spice he, too, celebrated 40 years in the business.

He said while he has “proudly flown the Trinidad and Tobago flag around the world”, his high point was “being among the Caribbean men and women to perform on stage at Barclay’s Centre in New York.

“That was a feeling that I cannot begin to describe. It’s Barclays!” he said.

And, as Trinidad and Tobago prepares for the “Mother of All Carnivals”, DJ Spice said he will be atop a music truck in Port-of-Spain, the capital, “delivering soca for the revelers of Paparazzi Carnival.”

He said he has done the same for numerous bands over the years.

“This is who we are,” DJ Spice said. “Soca is Life. We are soca ambassadors, and the world needs to recognize this genre.”