Trinidadian musical artist ‘Lady Charms’ at Caribbean heritage, American spirit crossroads

Trinidadian singer Charmaine John.
Photo courtesy Charmaine John

Trinidadian musical artist Charmaine John, renowned as “Lady Charms,” has said she stands at the ‘crossroads of Caribbean heritage and American spirit’ whose voice bridges cultures and connects hearts.

The Brooklyn-based dynamic singer, celebrated for her role as a lead vocalist of The Little Big Band, The INK Band and The Tribal Legacy Band, told Caribbean Life on Tuesday, that she has “transcended borders” with her enchanting melodies.

She said her musical journey, spanning three decades, has graced stages across the United States and around the world, including New York, where she is a regular on the musical circuit.

“Music is in every part of me. I feel so alive, rejuvenated and happy, when I am performing, watching my family, my friends and my fans enjoying themselves because of my performance,” said John.

“It gives me a sense of gratitude,” she added. “I feel the love.”

John said her vocal prowess is “a testament” to her devotion to music. As the lead singer of the Brooklyn-based The Tribal Legacy Band, she said she has enthralled audiences with her mesmerizing performances, creating a “harmonious blend of Caribbean rhythms and global influences.”

The singer said her versatile voice “effortlessly navigates genres,” making her “a sought-after collaborator across various musical spectrums.”

With an impressive roster of premier artists, the South Trinidad-born singer said she has recorded and toured alongside musical luminaries including Dennis Brown, Glen Washington, Burning Spear to Dobby Dobson.

She also added that her talent has graced stages for renowned artists such as Percy Sledge, Marcia Griffiths, Calypso Rose, The Mighty Arrow and The Meditation Band, leaving a huge imprint on every performance.

John said the legacies of her father, Trevor John’s own band, the teachings of her music-educator brothers, Kenrick John and Ian John (Ian died in March 2023), and the vibrant surroundings shaped her destiny.

“With a natural inclination for melodies, music has flowed in my veins from the very beginning, fostering a deep-rooted passion that continues to flourish,” she said.

Beyond the limelight, John said she is a mother, sister and daughter, speaking enthusiastically about her lineage.

“We are the feel-good people, and this is how we do it,” she said.