Tropicalfete ready for the road

Renee Skeete, Jason Edwards, Daria M, Nathalia Charles and Creator of Tropicalfete, Alton Aimable in back, ready for the road.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Spectators came out last Saturday in the Lincoln Terrace Park, Brooklyn for a sneak-peek of Tropicalfete Incorporated presentation of their adult and kiddie band “Masquerade Ball West Indian Edition.”

Bandleader and costume designer, Alton Aimable said he is optimistic that this time around, Tropicalfete, now in its fifth year of competition, will capture the crown in both categories.

The six colorful sections in the kiddies carnival parade comprises: “Behind the Mas” designed by Gillia & Natalia, “Monarch Butterfly” by Daria M, “Future Gems” by S. Paul, “Mardi Gras Mademoiselles” by D’Gyriz and “Dem Hidden Royalty” by Everything Brooklyn – Becky and “Carnival Phantom” by Kaisokah Moko Jumbies.

The band will provide kids three years old and under with free costumes and an opportunity to win a free backpack of school supplies during the Aug. 30 kiddie mas, which will include a junior queen.

The adult band of red and gold costumes designed with lavish feathers, streamers and glitter is set to compete in the small band competition.

The Family Fun Day hosted stilt dancers, a steel pan instruction and a puppet show – in keeping with Tropicalfete’s mission to invest in future generations.

St. Lucian-born Aimable, owner of Tropicalfete who calls himself a Caribbean man, brought together artists from the region to design costumes for the various sections.

He explained that the organization is geared towards developing the community in the area of art. It also provides social services with a focus on educating the global community on Caribbean culture throughout the world.

To this end the children’s costume sections will be documented in a children’s books after the carnival. In addition, the ensembles will be showcased in the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.

The mas camp, located at 644 34th St., (between avenues D and Newkirk) in Brooklyn is adorned with costumes designed by St. Vincent’s Daria M whose eight-year-old daughter Gelisha will parade as the junior queen.

Also first time designers, Trinidad & Tobago’s Renee Skeet and St. Lucian Natahalia Charles both agreed that their love of culture led them to the creative aspect in preparation for the 47th annual carnival.

Kaisokah Moko Jumbies USA Director, Jason Edwards of Trinidad and Tobago, has been working feverishly with young stilt dancers, Ava Aimable, Shane and Shamel Collins and Bishney Sanchez for a dynamic presentation that will be accompanied by the Tribal Legacy band and steelpan music provided by Richard Greenaway.

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