Tropicalfete to depict ‘Going Green, Loving The Earth’

Tropicalfete to depict ‘Going Green, Loving The Earth’|Tropicalfete to depict ‘Going Green, Loving The Earth’|Tropicalfete to depict ‘Going Green, Loving The Earth’
Photo by Sara Brittany Somerset|Photo by Sara Brittany Somerset|Photo by Sara Brittany Somerset

Tropicalfete Inc. is a non-profit organization focused on education, and producing meaningful programs towards the growth of society, while spreading the Caribbean culture throughout the world.

As such, the costume band looked to the environment for the inspired theme: “Going Green, Loving The Earth.”

President, producer of “Tropicalfete,” Alton Aimable teamed up with Sun Events to showcase several sections to depict sustainability and energy, using textiles to represent the natural resources important to the survival of mankind.

The “Glaciers Princesses” costume for instance, will represent the melting snowcaps, the beautiful flower garden and butterflies will showcase the charming earth, while the “Earth Angel,” showcases mother earth.

“Forest Fairy,” “Fantasy of Colors in the Wind,” “Water Fall,” “Ready to Erupt,” “Reflections,” “Vivre Au Soleil / Living in the Sun,” “Motion” and “Earth’s Core” are some of the other sections that will entertain and educate the judges and spectators alike.

Aimable, a costume designer will also highlight a Sun God individual costume to reveal the benefits of solar energy in both adult and junior bands.

Designers, Marcus Luke, Kenwyn Gibbs, and Gillian Satenay also added their expertise to the band.

This year, the band will for the first time welcome designer Monique Denala-Ndake Hall of Barbadian lineage, and a member of Sun Events. She said she is excited to work with Tropicalfete to display her water element motif.

Titled “Cool Water,” Ndake Hall used material and trimmings to highlight the beauty of all that is found in the water. She put all of her energies into bringing to the forefront the benefits water has to offer — nurturing of the body, providing sustenance for animals, and how the environment benefit from the element.

The pieces will encapsulate the Caribbean culture, its traditions and beauty that help the world to expand and exists. All depicted in an adult section.

In addition to bikini, high wasted button matched with a jewel bra, a water drop designed bras in turquoise, sea green, and all shades of green to represent things found under the water, Ndake Hall accessorized the pieces with wing backpack pieces, arm bands, and head pieces, which she said will match any skin tone. All of her adult costumes cost $375.

Participating since she was sixteen year old, the artist who is now age forty says she still enjoy the feeling and energy of playing mas.

“It is very important to honor one’s culture, and it is fun when fadded.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines designer and performer Daria Primus, will once again outfit a kiddy section in keeping with the theme. “Princesses – An enchanting forest” will showcase costumes in green to give a feel of the forest, said Primus whose costumes cost $120 and could be viewed at

Tropicalfete would like to thank Home Town Studios and Record Bar at 1235 Bedford Ave. and Fulton Street for allowing the band to share its space, and where revelers could stop-by to register.

For more information, call 646-504-3383, or log on to