Twenty years of spiritual cleansing, herbal healing

Menes de Groit and his wife Mama Nyaah proudly stated that over the last 20 years, Cosmic Enterprise – Healing Village has helped to transform parts of the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood from a drug-nest, to what it is today, “Healed, thought cleansing, music, and education.”

The 147 Rockaway Ave., Brooklyn location, have successfully treated numerous customers with Alfalfa which is high in protein; Red Clover, a blood thinner to help hypertension; Fennel; Echinacea; Golden Seal and its branded “Bourda Bittah Tonic” a top selling colon cleanser.

The herbal doctors also prescribe a cocktail for diabetes, to cleanse the liver, to rebuild the pancreas and nourish the blood supply. Root tonics, herbal formulas, natural organic products, and a plethora of other herbs have made the proprietors household names.

“Water consumption, and regular colon cleansing helps to alleviate build up in the system that cause the stomach to protrude,” said the herbal specialists.

Mama Nyaah, a former international drug distribution professional who began mixing herbs in her kitchen, and de Groit a trained U.S. Navy medic were motivated by their deep-rooted belief in natural healing.

Handed down to them by their grandparents, Mama Nyaah while growing up Trinidad and de Groit in Guyana. The herbalists agree that destiny brought them together during a healing ceremony in Washington DC. many years ago.

“I didn’t fully understand the foundation that was being laid for me to do what I am doing today,” said de Groit, who was discouraged from opening the store in the local area, where the first customers were drug addicts wanting to be cleansed of their addiction.

De Groit was honored by Senator John Sampson and the Guyana Cultural Association, while Mama Nyaah was honored during Trinidad & Tobago’s 50th Independence anniversary celebration. They were both honored for their extraordinary contribution in the diverse community. They continue to receive testimonials from clients such as Jennifer Callwood who credits Cosmic Enterprise with healing her illness.

“I am thankful to my grandmother, and the old folks from Bedford Stuyvesant and Guyana’s Bourda Market, who saw my potential for healing and taught me about herbs,” said de Groit.

Honored on Oct. 28, with the “People of Distinction Humanitarian Award” by CBS Radio host Al Cole at an NYU ceremony, de Groit said, “Both conventional and herbal medicine have their benefits but herbal medicine has been around for as long humans have been on the planet.”

The son of former legendary Guyanese Jazz drummer Art Sebastian Broomes, de Groit has followed his bloodline to become a healer and international master drummer. He has trained many youth and created the Shanto Rhythm, which he has performed at the Yankee Stadium and in Times Square for the Eco Fest Celebration.

De Groit is a well-respected Kwe Kwe (Guyanese wedding ceremony) specialist in the community, while he and Mamma Nyaah have been spiritual leaders at Medgar Evers College Sankofa program for 22 years, for which they received awards. He was initiated into the Sangoma tradition during his trip to South Africa to trace his roots, and has shared his knowledge on “Your health is your welcome,” a Brooklyn radio show.

He noted that the health food business is growing in America, because people are going back to the traditional way of living.

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