Dancehall artist, Hoodcelebrityy. Munachi Osegbu
Dancehall artist, Hoodcelebrityy.
Munachi Osegbu

From collaborations with multi-Grammy winners and top billboard charting rapper Kash Doll, Jamaican-born dancehall singer-songwriter Hoodcelebrityy embodies female empowerment through her music with subjects that reflect real life, says Destine Media.

“From celebrating women, to sexy party anthem, to the reality of heedless people, the talented artist says it like it is, and pulls no punches like with her latest ‘Ungrateful’ track,” it said.

Produced by DJ Swanqo, Destine Media said “Ungrateful” is a “straightforward powerful statement.

“It is a song too often regrettably felt and heard: ‘Mi try everything fi Mek yuh happy, Yuh ungrateful yo never happy, no me can’t please everybody,’” it said.

“Being an entertainer doesn’t preclude you from dealing with such unappreciative people, thus ‘Hoodcelebrityy’ has not only delivered her music gift to speak out against the latter but also shared her daily mantras depicted on the artwork,” Destine Media added.

It said each message handwritten by the artist herself is meant to encourages fans “to repeat as affirmations the same way that she does.”

“The handwritten notes are things I have to remind myself of everyday,” Hoodcelebrityy said. “They help me a lot to love myself and reaffirm that things going to be okay; put myself first and understand I could never make ungrateful people happy.

“What inspired me to write ‘Ungrateful’ is because the pandemic gave me so much time to really see people for who they truly are,” she added. “There comes a time when they will ask for something and, because you are unable to provide at that moment, they write you off or forget all you did prior to this very moment.”

Hoodcelebrityy said “’Ungrateful’ will resonate with all demographics and all nationalities.

“Many have experienced ungratefulness and need that extra motivation or drive to push past the roadblock before them,” she said. “Despite the ungrateful acts bestowed upon you, God’s blessing will give you the strength to persevere – ‘who God bless no man curse,’”

“Ungrateful” is available on all major streaming platforms and digital outlets.

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