Vincy soca star goes big in Europe

Vincy soca star goes big in Europe|Vincy soca star goes big in Europe
Vincentian soca star Kevin Lyttle.

In continuing his expansion in Europe, Vincentian-born international soca superstar Kevin Lyttle has partnered with the Dutch entertainment company, Perpetual Motions Entertainment.

Lyttle, whose record label, Tarakon Records, is a joint initiative with his wife, Dr. Jacqueline James-Lyttle, said the collaboration with Perpetual Motions Entertainment, seeks to expand the development, production and distribution of music projects.

The partnership also aims to broaden supporting media, marketing and tour, as well as subsidiary licensing of third-party non-music projects and endorsement opportunities, featuring all Tarakon Records artists in Europe.

By partnering with Perpetual Motions Entertainment, the Miami-based Lyttles have appointed Guillermo Tjin as managing director of Tarakon Records Europe and “exclusive representative” of Tarakon Records in Europe.

“Guillermo Tjin is looking forward to this new challenge and to strengthening Tarakon Records’ position in the international entertainment scene,” said the Lyttles in a statement.

“Guillermo Tjin has been in the entertainment scene for numerous years, holding to his credit a broad spectrum of reliable contacts and sound rapport with managers, record labels, promo companies, agencies, promoters and clubs, etc. in Europe and all over the world,” they added.

As chief executive officer of Perpetual Motions Entertainment, the Lyttles said Tjin has achieved an “exceptional reputation in the entertainment scene worldwide,” stating that he has been working with numerous “esteemed internationally-known artists.”

James-Lyttle, Tarakon Records’ chief executive officer, with a Ph. D in civil engineering, said the label, founded in 2007 by she and her husband, is “ready to turn the world on to every genre of Caribbean music in a very big way.”

In April 2015, Tarakon Records announced the opening of an office in Paris, France; and, only a year later, the small record label is making “gigantic moves by creating a presence in all European countries,” including the United Kingdom, the Lyttles said.

They said Tarakon Records “represents all Caribbean music — from the Bahamas to Jamaica to St. Vincent [and the Grenadines] to Venezuela and all the beautiful countries in between.”

Kevin Lyttle said he was “thrown into the international spotlight” with his breakout smash single, “Turn Me On.”

Lyttle’s strong live performances, with his own style of soca, influenced by dancehall and contemporary R&B, made “Turn Me On” a hit worldwide, racking up top 10 spots in Europe and the United States.

The single and album have sold over five million units worldwide, making the single a multi-platinum record, Lyttle said.

He has released follow-up albums and singles, such as “Fyah,” “I Love Carnival,” “Anywhere;” “The Diplomat” and “Bum Bum,” which also features R&B songbird and Grammy Award winner Mya.

Lyttle has been named a cultural ambassador by the government of Prime Minister Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Kevin Lyttle with wife and business partner Dr. Jacqueline James-Lyttle.

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