West Indies cricket needs restructuring

It becomes evident that the selectors of the West Indies team are going about their duties to just have a team in place and not necessary the best team.

Why is Darren Bravo sitting down after he was called home from the A Team’s touring party? Bravo could have been in England playing with the “A Team” and gaining some experience of English conditions. The “A” has been weakened and Bravo has not been chosen for any of the Test match teams so far.

Lendel Simmons, the Trinidad & Tobago right-handed batsman should have been called up to play the last two one-day games against South Africa and allow young Darren Bravo to focus on his tour with the “A Team.”

Simmons is a fine player along with his fellow team player opening batsman William Perkins. Perkins is a fine one-day batsman and it is surprising that chief of selectors Clyde Butts and his panel cannot see that. Unfortunately, because of bad decisions at the top and in some other areas of authority, the results must be failure upon failure.


(A) Choose a test squad of 15 players for two years.

(B) Choose a one-day squad of 14 players for two years.

(C) Choose a twenty20 squad of 14 players for two years.

Players must be contracted for a period not exceeding two years. A player must not be omitted from the team because of one or two failures. Players must be allowed to have a good opportunity of proving themselves. There should be much adjusting of the team for the one-day game and batting order as well.

These are some of the players that must be included in the 50-over games. Wicket keeper Carlton Baugh from Jamaica, Darren Bravo, William Perkins and Lendl Simmons all from Trinidad & Tobago. Darren Sammy should be a definite starter for he is a splendid one-day player. The selectors must make the limited overs team look a little different and the captain must make useful changes in batting order, bowling, tactics and develop an incredible game plan.

Lukewarm Solutions

The West Indies Cricket Board seems to be rushing to make urgent solutions for their past and continued mismanagement. Systems have to be put in place to work for a certain period of time before reaping fruitful results. What has to change is the structure from which all the bad results are being derived. The manner in which the W.I.C.B. conducts its business must change in order for progress to come about with the W.I. team.

W.I.P.A. President Must Help

The West Indies Players Association President Dinanath Ramnarine must play a significant role in ensuring that the West Indies players build up their standards of play.

Particularly, the batsmen need to build their effort and score heavily. Ramnarine must not only be ready to sit at a table to negotiate contracts, he must play a pivotal role in assisting players to boost their game. He is a former West Indies player with experience that he should share.

The W.I.C.B. does not have to approve this one.

Conflict Must Cease

The conflict that exists between the West Indies Cricket Board and the West Indies Players Association must be solved in order to have some sort of smooth running of West Indies cricket.

Both entities are to be blamed for the mess that West Indies cricket is presently going through. Both the W.I.C.B. and the W.I.P.A. need to investigate all these injuries that players are going through. The W.I. team is highly affected by these injuries because some of the top players are out.

Note: South Africa defeated the West Indies by 163 runs in the first test match in Port of Spain, Trinidad at the Queen’s Park Oval.