‘Wild herbal edible plants’ tour in Bermuda

‘Wild herbal edible plants’ tour in Bermuda
Bermudian, Doreen Williams-James, creator of Wild Herbs n Plants of Bermuda, serves up Fennel Roasted Hummus dip and Nasturtium flower beverage, at a recent reception hosted by the Bermuda Tourist Authority in New York City.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Doreen Williams-James is inviting tourists to taste the flowers of Bermuda, as part of her wild herbal edible tour, that not only educate, but tantalize the taste buds, during a jaunt along of the lush western North Atlantic Ocean Island, known for award-winning beaches, and the famous Bermuda triangle.

The creator of Wild Herbs n Plants of Bermuda, whose company specializes in vegan cuisine, gluten-free diabetic friendly, said tourists enjoy the beautiful scenery, while learning about the lush foliage, filled with healthy benefits.

During a recent Bermuda Tourism Authority reception at the NoMo, Hotel in New York City, the plant expert served wild herbal edible eats and drink, with a seasonal flare.

The portions included Prickly Pear Sorbet with Nasturtium Shortcake cookies, best eaten during the winter. Nasturtium Vegetarian Roll, and Basil Lemon Grass Soup that go well with the spring bloom, Fennel Roasted Hummus, and Dandelion Salad best served in the summer, and Cactus Fries with Prickly Pear Ketchup, Guacamole and Nopal Cactus, craved in the fall.

These and other edible pants are eaten at foraging and cooking parties, cooking demos, cooking classes, historical cooking, private wild edible parties and private tours, on the Hamilton capital, that has a population of 65,500.

The expert saids many of the plants in her collection could also be found throughout the world. Plants such as dandelion and the prickly pear that comes from the cactus family

These plants, she added, regulate glucose levels and boost the immune system. The Nasturtium flower is high in Vitamin C, and others like the Rosemary, are all healthy plants that flourish different times of the year to treat various ailments.

To learn more of Wild Herbs n Plants of Bermuda, and to book a tour, contact Doreen Williams-James, at wildherbsnplantsofbd[email protected]il.com, or via these media platforms: m.me/wildherbsandplantsinBermuda, wildherbsnplantsofbd[email protected]il.com.

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