WSTRN wants to ‘Be My Guest’

West London’s chart-topping Trio WSTRN. Keaton Richardson
West London’s chart-topping Trio WSTRN.
Keaton Richardson

Coming off the heels of the vibrant hit single, “Mama Stay,” West London-based band WSTRN had dropped a new single, “Be My Guest,” featuring Nigerian act, FireboyDML.

Formed by two cousins and a neighborhood friend, WSTRN has developed a lifetime of musical camaraderie into its R&B/pop-centric rap sound, according to Brooklyn-based Jamaican entertainment publicist Ronnie Tomlinson, chief executive officer of Destine Media.

She said the group was formed by cousins Akelle Charles and Haile, and their longtime friend Louis Rei.

“All three grew up in west London and were connected through musical ties early on, as some of their fathers played together in a reggae band,” Tomlinson said. “All three friends pursued music on their own, but WSTRN was born out of the trio’s first collaborative jam sessions in 2015.”

Tomlinson said the three-piece act continues its distinctive streak of smooth releases with a new rhythmic jam, produced by PRGRSHN, “which moves with groove tendencies.

“Effortlessly showcasing their distinctively unique sound, the catchy bounce of the strings, laced with the infectious baseline, seamlessly matched with Louis Rei and Akelle’s,” she said. “Charm alongside Haile’s melodic vocals on the chorus gifts us with a captivating banger, Be My Guest’.

“This hot new single is set to be a hit,” added Tomlinson, stating that “Be My Guest” showcases an appearance from Lagos’s very own Fireboy DM, “making the Diasporic connection with a hot guest verse.”

WSTRN said in a statement that “Be My Guest is “a feel-good release for supporters to raise their vibrations before carnival”.

Fused with influences that span R&B, Hip-Hop and soul, with a base of reggae and dancehall, Tomlinson said WSTRN’s artistry reaches “far beyond their Caribbean roots.

“The trio’s ear lends itself to experimenting with different soundscapes, and their releases so far attest to their worldwide appeal,” she said.

The group made its mark in 2015 with “IN2”, amassing over 108 million streams to date, Tomlinson said.

“We were born into music; it has always found us,” WSTRN said. “We’re ready to capture more ears and take this to the next level.”

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