101st Ave, Forth Hamilton Parkway now Lawrence ‘Larry’ Morrish Way

101st Ave, Forth Hamilton Parkway now Lawrence ‘Larry’ Morrish Way|101st Ave, Forth Hamilton Parkway now Lawrence ‘Larry’ Morrish Way
Phillipa Morrish, George Morris, and Mrs. Morrish’s niece Gillian, holding the street sign co-named for the late veteran, Lawrence “Larry” Morrish.
Phillipa Morrish

A beam of sunlight shone down at the corner of 101st Avenue and Forth Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn, on May 18, as the co-naming street sign — Lawrence “Larry” Morrish Way, unveiled to honor the late veteran, and outstanding community leader, who was the husband of Guyanese-American Etiquette Specialist, and COO of Behind the Veil Weddings & Events Planning, Inc. Phillipa Morris.

Larry, as he was fondly called, was a permanent feature in the Guyanese community, so much so, that he became an honorary member of the ex-Guyana Defence Force veterans association in New York.

On his first trip to Guyana, many years ago, Larry received an honor guard welcome, from the moment he deplaned, and escorted by military motorcade along the streets of the Republic.

During the unveiling ceremony that included military personnel from the Forth Hamilton Army base where he served, widow, Phillipa Morrish said she proudly listened to Larry’s influence in shaping many lives, “but it was an even greater satisfaction to see the young people he mentored, now taking the reins of leadership.”

She said the youths are now the public servants in positions to take over from him and his generation, and felt that the youth had Larry, a good role model in public service. “He did so much yet expected so little in return,” she said of her deceased husband.

“At the time of Larry’s visit to Guyana, he was the liaison between Congress and the military base at Fort Hamilton. He used his position to help not only establish links between XGDF and the US military, but was arranging to have used ambulances shipped to Guyana when 9-11 occurred, and all vehicles were recalled into active service,” said Mrs. Morrish, who thanked the XGDF service members for attending the dedication ceremony.

Phillipa reiterated her favorite statement: “he was one of God’s best, and I was so fortunate to share him.” I have always felt that his love, and eventual loss, was not mine alone to share. The entire community misses him.”

According to a report, Commander of the base, Col. Andrew Zieseniss, spoke of Larry’s legacy in helping to keep the base open each time it came up for closure, by putting forward its importance to the surrounding residents of Bay Ridge.

His decades of contributions to the base were highlighted, in addition to building bridges between various religious groups. He helped organize a ‘Unity Task Force’, which brought together leaders of all religious groups in the area to work together for peace.

Larry’s street co-naming, at the entrance of the Fort Hamilton Military installation was aptly named: The “Larry Morrish Way.”

Morris, who died three years ago, was known, as an optimist, who made community service and activism important elements of his life,”

Lawrence “Larry” Morrish with wife, Phillipa Morrish, many years ago at the Guyana Folk Festival in Brooklyn.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

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