Assemblywoman Diana C. Richardson applauds late Dr. Roy A. Hastick for his vision

Assemblywoman Diana C. Richardson addresses an audience at the unveiling of Dr. Roy A. Hastick Sr. Way, at the intersection of Caton and Flatbush avenues, where Caton Flats housing complex is constructed.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

“Our elders, and ancestors fought very hard for unity in the black community and unity across the Caribbean,” said Assemblywoman of the 43rd District, Diana C. Richardson while addressing the unveiling of the Dr. Roy A. Hastick Sr. Way renaming ceremony to honor the late Grenadian-born giant recently

“I understand that sacrifice, and I understand that it is our job as the next wave of leaders to carry that baton of unification, not divisiveness. I will work day in and day out, to ensure that our people are held together and that we prosper together, and Caton Flats will help to make this a reality,” said Richardson, as she remembered the incredible commitment Dr. Hastick had made towards realizing the housing complex at the corner of Caton and Flatbush, where the intersection was co-named, Dr. Roy A. Hastick Sr. Way.

She said words cannot express how much she loves the Hastick family, and quipped that she is an extended family member, noting that she had a deep relationship with Dr. Hastick, founder of the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, (CACCI).

“He was my friend, a mentor, but most importantly, I loved Dr. Hastick like a father, and he loved me like a daughter. He took me under his wing and showed me love. I have a mom in Dr. Eda Hastick. I promise that nothing but honor comes to the Hastick name,” said Richardson, the current Chair of the NYS Assembly Legislative Commission on Government.

“What an amazing quality it is to make everyone feel equally loved and supported,” said the NYS Assembly member on Standing Committees of Banks, Corporations Authorities and Commission, Education, Labor, Mental Health and Small Business..

She praised Dr. Hastick, whom she said had spoken constantly of building the Caton Flats, from the time she met him.

“And now it is with pride that we all gather here at Caton Flats, the dream Dr. Hastick worked so hard to realize.”

Richardson who also sits on the Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus, and the Women’s Legislative Caucus, as well as the Task Force on Women’s issues, noted that there are many developments going up in the community and “it is rare that we are able to point to projects that is FUBU — For Us By Us — that is reflective of our needs.”

She applauded Dr. Hastick’s vision noting that it was rare that “we can point to a project that is solution oriented in closing the gap around equality and representation,” using housing as an example, where the rents are reflective of the income levels of the community.

“This is what makes Caton Flats – Dr. Hastick’s dream such a sweet reality. It encompasses all of what I stated and much more.”

“Caton Flats is located in the mighty 43rd AD, but we open our arms to all of our neighbors there, locally, nationally, and internationally and we encourage you to share ownership and pride over this project,” said Richardson, adding, “that in unity there is strength and it will take all of us to uplift the mission of the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACCI) & Caton Flats.

“I want to take this moment to speak directly to a situation that is brewing on the ground. Believe it or not what I am about to address is the very last topic that Dr. Hastick and I discussed prior to this transition,” she said referring to the Caton Flats housing complex.

“Dr. Hastick we love you, we honor you, we up-lift you and miss you,” said Richardson, a member of the Task Force on Women’s Issues in the New York State Assembly.

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