Don Knock drops ‘Don Dadda Freestyles’ series

Jamaican artist Don Knock. Sarah Rønholt
Jamaican artist Don Knock.
Sarah Rønholt

Jamaican-born, New York-based world music artist, Don Knock has unveiled a four-part music release to introduce the configuration of unique tracks.

The “’Don Dadda Freestyles” showcases the up-and-comer’s diverse sound and skill set.

“While the individuality of each of the songs is apparent, Don also sheds light on the stylistic commonalities they share,” Sarah A. Freiseis, special projects manager with the Brooklyn-based entertainment company PlaybookMG, told Caribbean Life.

“He flexes his improv skills and production sensibilities by tying them together with a dance tempo and catchy lyrics that make for memorable tunes,” she added. “The series dropped over several weeks, each with its distinct theme and accompanying visualizer.”

Freiseis said the project debuted with the first freestyle “Lova Mon,” delivering a smooth Afro-soul vibe.

After that, she said Knock released “Candy,” a playful track featuring heavy synths with an eighties influence.

Artist Don Knock.   Sarah Rønholt

“Number three, ‘Roadman,’ tapped into the rebel lifestyle vibe with street swagger,” Freiseis said. “The final drop, ‘Payscale,’ proved the perfect balance of sweet and spicy to round out the release.”

As a youth in St. Andrew, Jamaica, Don Knock’s formative years played a significant role in his professional development, according to Freiseis.

In addition to singing, she said the artist has many talents, including making beats and writing music.

“He owns and operates a creative agency called ‘The Fourth Coming’, through which he releases his music,” Freiseis said.

To date, she said Knock’s most successful track is “Parlay,” which dropped at the end of 2020 and amassed over 40k streams in the first month.

In 2022, Freiseis said he plans to release several singles in the spring leading up to the debut of a new EP this summer.

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