Acclaimed doctor joins LaSante’s staff

Acclaimed doctor joins LaSante’s staff
Dr. Dexter McKenzie, MD.

One of Brooklyn’s health and wellness centers, LaSante is quickly becoming the choice for family medicine within the area. Also attracting neighboring areas, its medical team is one that’s acclaimed for acute diagnostics and a close doctor/ patient relationship.

More than its starting initiative, LaSante has become the face of its many doctors, featuring many options under one roof. Always seeking community doctors that understand individual patient needs, LaSante is proud of the new doctor they now have on board.

Dr. Dexter McKenzie, MD, is a family physician for more than three decades. Having practiced internal medicine and pediatrics, he has years or experience working with patients within the West Indian community and beyond.

Some of Dr. McKenzie’s passions remain the support of single moms, teen groups and local businesses, always influencing his patients with a truly human side to his doctorate title. Patients feel at ease in the presence of the man who has as much expertise as he has virtue.

LaSante’s ongoing mission remains the establishment of each specialty wing and service, so that the very best in family medicine joins state of the art and convenient rooms.

As LaSante’s patient base is growing, their team is expanding too. Every physician they welcome to the team shares a unified belief in regard to medicine and to families. It’s how LaSante keeps their mission grounded, bringing you family doctors within a community of services.

You may schedule a visit by calling 718-246-5700 or visiting LaSante Health Center at 672 Parkside Ave., 2nd Fl. in Prospect Lefferts Gardens in Brooklyn, New York. LaSante Health Center is a community based medical office that features modern day medicine with a personal approach. An all inclusive state of the art facility, health divisions and lab testing are all featured on premises for a comprehensive approach to healthcare that is as efficient as it is personal.

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