Allison Butters-Grant celebrated as phenomenal woman

Allison Butters-Grant celebrated as phenomenal woman|Allison Butters-Grant celebrated as phenomenal woman
Allison Butters-Grant.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

It was a celebration filled with heartwarming tributes, for Allison Butters-Grant, and a call to action by brave daughter Tiffany Sobers-Smith, to tell someone in life how inspiring and impactful they are, saying, “mom, you left a great life for us in this world, thank you so much for being an awesome mom.”

“Many said my mother inspired them, if someone inspires you, tell then in life, because I don’t think my mother knew the impact she has had on people’s life.”

“I am so proud and impressed with what she did. Thank you for being my mother, said the eldest child during an emotional home-going service for the owner and CEO of Global Seafood Distributors of Guyana, who lived for family and community.

She died on Jan. 13, 2019 after a brief illness.

St. Matthews A.M.E Church in East Orange NJ, on Wednesday, Jan. 23, overflowed with mourners, diplomats, politicians, organizations, African drummers, and a NJ Women’s Empowerment Movement honor guard, to salute the outstanding Guyanese-American, founding member of the Guyana American Heritage Foundation, annual Guyana Independence Flag-raising in East Orange, NJ.

Ted Green, mayor of the City of East Orange, who presented a Posthumous Proclamation to her family, called Butters-Grant a friend of 14 years. “She had an engaging spirit about her, didn’t matter where she was, she always reached out to me. She said never forget about the people. She was a caring person who loved her family, and her community.”

“Lets hold on to her memory,” as he extended condolences to the Butters-Grant family on behalf of East Orange.

A generous gift of fish from then, Seafood Market in East Orange owner, was one of his greatest memories, said City Council Member, 3rd Ward East Orange, Bergson Lenius, noting that Butters-Grant always encouraged him to embrace his Nigerian roots and “our diversity. She was a pillar in this community.” A Posthumous Proclamation was then handed over.

Assembly Woman of the 34th District in NJ, Britnee N. Timberlake, stood with the Women’s Empowerment Movement to honor the former East Orange Zoning Board Commissioner, Caribbean Medical Mission, and Guyana Medical Mission board member. She said Allison was a strong powerful woman who inspired others.

“She always helped people, and loved her family. She gave back to the community, Allison Butters-Grant was the best of the best, the cream of the crop she was an amazing person. Internationally, she will be missed by all of our districts, NJ and the world, said AW Timberlake, presenting a Posthumous Proclamation to the Butters-Grant family.

Consul General of Guyana to New York, Barbara Atherly, said that everything the former Guyana Chamber of Commerce, and Guyana Miners Association member touched was profoundly strengthened through her vision and ingenuity, noting that she became a household name in the seafood industry that created much-needed employment for her fellow Guyanese.

“To whomever will take up her mantle, I send prayers and best wishes for continued growth.”

To husband, Kerwin, daughters, Tiffany, and Tricina, and grandson Declan, I pray that you be comforted knowing that her living was not in vain.”

“We will remember her kindly and treasure the time we had with her, for it is said, who lived in our hearts would never truly die, said the diplomat, adding, “may we also find solace in recognizing the difference Allison made while on earth, and the lives she has touched, her legacy will live on.”

President of the Guyana Tri-State Alliance, Patricia Jordan-Langford, recall the cherished moments she shared with Allison-Grant, a former member of the organization, a phenomenal woman who constantly worked to make everything and everyone better.

“I cherished our friendship and appreciate all the things you did, we have a lot of history together. Life may not be the party we hope for, but we are here. We might as well dance, and enjoy all the time we have left, we don’t know when that time will come.”

Rev. Carl Stuart in praying for the family, stated Allison loved God and attended church while in Guyana. “Our dearly beloved mother, sister, friend, grandmother, entrepreneur, trailblazer, never expressed what she was going through. She believed that God would miraculous touch her life.”

She suffered in silence but her spirit, passion, resilience would be forever be in our hearts, said Rev. Stuart, who called the mentor, a brilliant effervescent soul who shattered ceilings and bloomed.

Cousin, John Butters, friends, Linden Forbes, and Lady Ira Lewis, all praised the woman of substance for her astounding contributions, generosity, and love she shared while on this earth plane.

Husband, Kerwin Grant, daughters, Tiffany Sobers-Smith, and Tricina Sobers, grandson, Declan Sobers, siblings, Wayne, Donna, Denise, Deborah, Isabella, and the late O’Neil Butters, and many others, are left to mourn her loss. She was the daughter of the late Leslie and Alma Butters.

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