Audiomack enlists Jamaican DJs for ‘Sounds of Jamaica’ campaign

Audiomack’s artwork promoting “Sounds of Jamaica.”
Audiomack’s artwork promoting “Sounds of Jamaica.”

Audiomack continues its ongoing support of Caribbean islands with the new campaign tailored to boost Jamaican artists’ awareness called “Sounds of Jamaica.”

“The brand is pushing a series of playlists that encompasses some of the finest talents Jamaica offers and promotes them worldwide through multiple channels,” Sarah A. Freiseis, special projects manager of the Brooklyn-based entertainment company PlaybookMG.

“One method catching eyeballs is Audiomack’s use of actual Jamaican DJs to bring awareness to their narratives,” she added. “It empowers the islands’ natives and allows them to write their histories, unlike other media platforms that dedicate general lists to certain countries.”

Freiseis said the playlists recently went live and will continue to be released in that same vein each Thursday until June.

The first three DJs are ZJ Nova (St. Elizabeth), DJ Absolute (Westmoreland) and DJ Zen (St. Catherine).

“Since we’re a discovery platform, we wanted DJs from various parts of Jamaica to highlight artists from that area,” Tanya Lawson, director of Afrobeats and Caribbean at Audiomack. “We’re going to be pushing the playlists periodically throughout our platform, and it will run from now until June.

“The DJs with the most plays, we’re going to do something special for them and their community,” she assured.

“Simultaneously pushing and protecting boundaries, Audiomack is once again an ally to the artistry of the Caribbean,” Freiseis intoned. “Stay tuned for more ‘Sounds of Jamaica’ playlists soon.”

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