Black Am I drops full ‘Work Day’

Jamaican Reggae singer, Black Am I.  Black Am I
Jamaican Reggae singer, Black Am I.
Black Am I

Velvet-voiced reggae crooner Black Am I has dropped a new anthem for the working class titled “Work Day.”

The new track, which is released through the Ghetto Youth’s International label, is produced by the legendary Damian Marley and features an upbeat reggae/ska rhythm that carries the message perfectly.

“The message is clear,” said Ronnie Tomlinson, the Brooklyn-based, Jamaican-born entertainment publicist. “There is beauty in the struggle of sweat and the toil that takes care of our responsibilities.

“Black Am I’s serene but resounding vocals give new meaning and hope to what would otherwise seem like a repetitive mundane work life,” added the chief executive officer of the New York-based entertainment company, Destine Media, stating that the latest single is supplemented by the official video release.

With singles like “Modern Day Freedom”, “Samson Strength”, “King of Kings” and “The Edge”, she said Black Am I takes his time to polish each song to “a near immaculate shine.”

Black Am I ‘Work Day’ cover. Black Am I

“This is reflected in the quality and longevity of his songs, some of which have been out for seven years,” Tomlinson said. “Black Am I’s strong, seamless, fluid vocal that washes over the ear with ease and potency, easily distinguish Black Am I from his contemporaries.”

A native son of the famous Nine Mile Bull Bay in Jamaica, birthplace of the legendary Bob Marley, “Black Am I moral compass points true north,” Tomlinson said.

“His subject matter is a reflection of his seasoned, yet youthful outlook, and the nuances of his spiritual experience as Rastafari,” she said. “The 36-year-old, now signed to the Marleys’ Ghetto Youths International, has displayed exceptional bearing in a sea of musical noise.

“The latest single, ‘Work Day’, attests to his ability to stand out and speak to the lives of those without voices and from a different lens,” Tomlinson added. “The masterful reggae single puts a positive spin on the every day cycle of waking up to go to work, greeting the day with a smile and energy to take on the tasks of earning a living regardless of whatever job is done to make ends meet.”

Damian “Jr Gong” Marley has, with his Ghetto Youths International Label, recently released a number of Black Am I’s records, including “Jah Is In My Corner.”

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