Boom Mas again ‘Escape(s) to Rio’

Boom Mas again ‘Escape(s) to Rio’|Boom Mas again ‘Escape(s) to Rio’
Photo by Nelson A. King|Photo by Nelson A. King

While last year’s Summer Olympics have come and gone in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Brooklyn’s Boom Mas, LLC is again “Escap(ing) to Rio” for carnival.

“This year, we want everyone to come journey with Boom Mas, as we venture (again) into ‘Brazil: Escape to Rio,’” band leader Trinidadian Jevon Douglas told Caribbean Life about this year’s presentation.

Like last year’s presentation, with the same name, Douglas said this year features nine sections: Amazon Rain Forest, Birds of Paradise, Caipinha, Continga, Indigenous, Curitiba, Praisa de Beleza, Rio de Carnival and The Brazilian Black.

He said five of the sections are all male: Rio De Carnival, Amazon Rain Forest, Indiginous, The Brazilian Black and Curitba.

With each section comprising 40-60 masqueraders, Douglas said he expects 400-600 masqueraders altogether this year. Last year’s production comprised 600 masqueraders.

Douglas, the son of Martin Douglas, president of the United States Steel Pan Association, said Boom Mas LLC began participating in the West Indian American Day Carnival Parade in 2014, with 400 masqueraders, to “promote, develop and celebrate Caribbean culture, arts, history and traditions within the young people in the community.

He said this year, as in previous years, masqueraders come from “different nationalities,” and can expect “good food, snacks, drinks and good music.”

“The preparations call for many sleepless nights,” Douglas said. “Our friends and family help.”

Vincentian soca artiste Skinny Fabulous will again rock on the float with KSP production, along with DJs Young Maddy and “all of Boom champion DJs from the radio station.”

Boom Mas LLC is located at 926 Clarkson Ave., Brooklyn. Douglas can be reached at (347) 762-1515 or at

Designer and section leader Victoria Murphy (L) poses with Krissie-Ann Rupert in “Portraying the Frontline.”
Photo by Nelson A. King