Brooklyn cultural group conducts successful medical mission to SVG

Brooklyn cultural group conducts successful medical mission to SVG
Judith Cuffy-Murray’ presentation to Rep. of Canauon at a local health fair.
Courtesy of UVCGB

President of the Brooklyn-based United Vincie Cultural Group of Brooklyn (UVCGB) Dr. Roxie Irish-Morris hailed the group’s recent medical mission to St. Vincent and the Grenadines as a great success.

“Despite the many challenges we faced, God came through for us in a very big way,” Dr. Irish-Morris told Caribbean Life, in an exclusive interview, about UVCGB’s 5th biennial mission, from Jul. 13-17. “We were united in every way.”

Dr. Irish-Morris said the group distributed medical supplies and clothing to Belair, Campden Park, Canouan, Sandy Bay, Calliaqua and Mesopotamia clinics; the Chateaubelair Hospital; the Dispensary at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital in capital Kingstown; and the Lewis Punnett Home for the aged and indigent, among others.

She said UVCGB and other volunteers also conducted health fairs in collaboration with the Retired Nurses’ Association of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, in Kingstown.

While on the mission, Dr. Irish-Morris said members, most of whom worship at Miracle Temple Ministries, an evangelical church in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, attended and participated in Worship Services at the 11th Hour Ministries in Byera, in South Central Windward, and Mesopotamia, in the Marriaqua Valley, on mainland St. Vincent.

During these services, Dr. Irish-Morris, a youth minister at Miracle Temple Ministries, administered the word, and Judith “Baffy” Cuffy-Murray, UVCGB public relations officer, blessed congregants in song.

Dr. Irish-Morris, who led the mission, said the contingent comprised 10 full UVCGB members, including Cuffy-Murray, Dailene and Debra Bobb, Randy Liverpool, La Fleur Gumbs, Vennis Alleyne, Ralphie Cunningham, Beverly Ann Wilson and Naydene Bascombe.

They were accompanied by five family members of the group, including Pastor Wilson, as volunteers, along with two practicing nurses of the US – Vincentian Ludis Mitchell and Jamaican Lilleth Manley — three retired nurses, who practiced in the US — Jamaican Emily Sykes, Vincentian Janice Williams and Nevisian Mavis Mars.

Dr. Irish-Morris said the contingent was a diverse group, ranging from 11 to more than 70 years old, “the dearly beloved ‘Tantie Shirley’, Georgia Weekes, who has volunteered, over the years, on the missions as the special cook.

UVCGB was also assisted by the Retired Nurses’ Association of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Dakota Mitchell, 13, who accompanied her mom, Ludis Mitchell, on the mission, described the trip was a great experience.

“This was my first mission trip, and it opened my eyes to see how blessed we are to be healthy and privileged to be able to get help from doctors when we need it,” she said.

Dr. Irish-Morris gave thanks to all those who helped make the venture a success, making special mention of the Retired Nurses’ Association of St. Vincent and the Grenadines; the practicing nurses and retired nurses and volunteers on the mission; Carimedix of SVG; SVG Liaison Officer Keren Hall-Arthur; staffers at clinics visited; Michael Richards, owner of Richview Apts., for accommodating the group; and Claudette Muckett for organizing transportation and sightseeing tours.

Others she thanked were: the management and staff of Finishing and Furnishing “for continuous immense support;” Evelyn Jardine, Gaylene Charles and Lavern McDowell for providing meals; Baileys Transportation, especially driver “Guri”; Consul General to New York Howie Prince “for consistent support”; Brooklyn-based Standard Caribbean Shippers; and MTM Family “for donations and prayers”.

“UVCGB will like to remind all of its motto:‘We are Blessed to be a Blessing’”, Dr. Irish-Morris said.

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