Buju Banton ‘Born for Greatness’

Reggae singer Buju Banton
Reggae singer Buju Banton.
Photo by Shawn Theodore, file

GRAMMY® winning, multiple Billboard chart-topping artist, and international reggae icon Buju Banton has unveiled his anticipated new album, “Born for Greatness,” via Gargamel Music/ Roc Nation Records / Def Jam Recordings.

“This rich body of work continues his legacy as one of reggae’s most influential, impactful, and inimitable figures,” said Jamaican entertainment publicist Ronnie Tomlinson.

Tomlinson, CEO of the New York-based Destine Media, said among many highlights, the single “Body Touching Body” [feat. Victoria Monét] highlights Banton’s “uncanny ability to seamlessly merge not only sounds and vibes, but cultures as well.”

“Buju charismatically flows over a fluid beat anchored by steel drums and wah-drenched guitar, while Victoria heats up the song with a hypnotic R&B hook, ‘wanna lie with you. Bonnie and Clyde with you, so I never have to miss you,’” Tomlinson told Caribbean life.

From the introspective acoustic guitar-driven opener “Ageless Time” through a choral chant for liberation uplifted by horns on the finale “Let My People Go,” she said the album “moves with the momentum of a big-screen epic, dipping in valleys of emotion only to rise with peaks of joy and victory as evidenced by ‘We Find A Wa’” and ‘Trial By Fire.’”

Tomlinson said Banton locks into a bold back-and-forth with Stephen Marley on the standout “Feel A Way.”

She said Banton paved the way for the album with the title track “Born For Greatness.”

Receiving plugs from The Source and more, Reggaeville professed “’Born For Greatness’ is a testament to his lyrical talent, an opus with 17 pieces,” and Ebro in the Morning sat down with him for wide-ranging interview about the record.

Dancehallmag noted, “’Born For Greatness’ consists of 17 tracks, featuring an eclectic mix of solo performances and notable collaborations.”

As a prelude, Tomlinson said Banton dropped the catchy dancehall anthem “Coconut Wata (Sip).”

Vibe wrote, “Powered by a breezy backdrop, the track finds Banton in a languid state, urging listeners to lay life’s troubles to the wayside and enjoy the moment,” going on to proclaim, “The Grammy Award-winning Roc Nation artist continues to make a big splash in 2023.”

Rap Radar hailed it as “fresh” and noted, “the Dancehall legend urges his followers to stay resilient during difficult times.”

Tomlinson said “Coconut Wata (Sip)” arrived on the heels of the global banger “High Life” featuring Snoop Dogg.

She said “Born For Greatness” arrives as the full-length follow-up to 2020’s universally acclaimed Upside Down 2020, which garnered a GRAMMY® nomination in the category of “Best Reggae Album” and earned rave “four-out-of-five star” reviews on both sides of the pond from The Guardian and Rolling Stone, respectively.