Caribbean Life honors 32 healthcare professionals

The 2017 Caribbean-American Healthcare Awards honorees party at Paradise Caterers on June 22.
Photo by Jason Speakman

Caribbean Life and Community News Group celebrated 32 Caribbean American healthcare professionals during its fourth annual Caribbean American Healthcare Awards ceremony at Paradise Catering Hall on June 22.

These professionals were honored for advancing healthcare in New York. President and publisher Jennifer Goodstein said “Tonight once again we are here to honor the top of New York’s healthcare fields. The Caribbean American Healthcare Awards were introduced four years ago when our editorial and management staff started to think what New York city would be if the Caribbean community was not so thoroughly engrained in the healthcare system and the work that they do. this was a group that needed to be awarded at a special award ceremony.

“The first three years of the awards were a resounding success. This year we asked our readers, medical community and editorial committee to recommend the best of the professions and tonight we are honoring 32 individuals who represent the best of the best,” she said.

Master of Ceremony Claudette Powell in her brief remaks spoke about the importance of education for the next generation of healthcare professionals and the international shortage of healthcare professionals.

Powell noted that the World Health Organisation indicated that simply increasing the number of workers will not be enough. “It’s not so much about the quantity, they refer to the quality. Shortage of health workers is compounded by the fact that their skills, competence and clinical experience can be poorly suited to the health needs of the population that they serve. WHO recommends that while increasing the supply of health workers, we need to meet the needs of the 21st century,” she said.

She implored those present and particularly the healthcare students to recognise that education was constant. “We never stop learning and we must seek opportunities for learning new skills to improve patient care and for personal growth. Keep abreast of emerging research and innovative service to ensure continuing competence in your jobs,” said Powell. She encouraged the students to learn a foreign language, learn cultural sensitivity, be responsive to cultural health beliefs, ethnic origins and cultural biases.

“The rapid pace of technological growth is expected to continue a trend which will dramatically impact every aspect of our lives. We are people from the Caribbean, we have cultivated an infinity for knowledge and the development of critical thinking skills which help us more readily adapt to change,” said Powell.

Those honored were Margaret Clara Alberta Burke, Dr. Carlton Barneswell, Dr. Daniel Beckles, Sharon Bedford, June Blackwood,Patricia A. Britton,Kyetah N. Bryan, Dr. Rhonda N. Cambridge-Phillip,Kenrick Cato, PH.D, Hyacinth A. Charles, Samuel G. Clarke, Marcia Cole-Saunders, Kettly Derival, Audrey Dupree-Sealey, Ph.D, Marie Edeline Hyppolite, Beverly Gardner-Samuel, Dr. Mila Gauvin, Leslie Gillian Sue, Madonna Holder, Anne Marie Leveille-Tulce, Ph.D, Liza L. Long, Dr. Harrison Mitchell, Dr. John E. Mitchell, Illouise Murillo Tucker, D.N.P., Annemarie Nicola Campbell, Bernice Pamela McIntosh, Dr. Marcia Philomena Nelson, Noreen Roach, Shanita Scotland, Fiona Gloria Smith-Cambry, Ph.D, Odette A. Spencer and Kafi Yolanda Quaynor.

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