Confronting the maleduaction of white students

It is said that when one has a foot on a neck holding another down in a ditch, he/she’s also in that ditch.

The U.S.A. Education system remains ‘in the ditch’ because it stubbornly persists in excluding Black African curricula – denying its millions of white students full knowledge of their originating ancestors – Black folk in Black Africa.

To persist in teaching only white relatively recent history, purposefully excluding distant – originating – Black African history, is to continuously engage in outrageously destructive prevarication.

Sanctimoniously holding up ‘I-cannot-tell-a-lie’ George Washington and pedophile Thomas Jefferson for emulation as models is hypocritical in the extreme. It is ‘do as I say’ teaching which sooner or later fails as surely as do sandy foundations under sinking buidlings and actuallly causes counterproductive difficult to reverse societal damage.

White students have every right to truth of the knowledge of the splendid achievements of their Black ancestors. If one can conjure up a more egregious theft than the theft of the knowledge of self from millions of white students, then it must be the hijacking of the history of Black and other of color students.

However, it is usually validly angst-filled complaints by Blackfolk which get into print and other media. But, if we’re dealing with numbers which warrant revisionary changes in curricula, it has to be acknowledged that robbing white children of knowledge of their origins which should be of paramount concern to honest people.

Consequently, when grossly miseducated school teachers, college professors and other academicians stand up in front of their students prating about “Well, the races…” concerned communities of all colors should be politely contradicting them saying, “If there’s only one hueman race, then it’s totally inaccurate to suggest that there’s an ‘s’ at the end of the word ‘race’ when it comes to us huemans – and isn’t it past time to have Black African History in the curricula from now on? Our students all deserve to be taught the truth about their origins that we were never taught!”

HEAL, America!

Carol Taylor, R.N.

First Black U.S.A. flight attendant;;; [email protected]

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