Dip Speak to interview Cindy Breakspeare

Cindy Breakspeare, best known as mother of Grammy Award winning Damian Marley, will be a guest on Diplomatically Speaking with host Dr. Brown Metzger, former Jamaican consul general, live on Sunday, May 4 on WVIP 93.5 FM.

“Ask me anything,” says Cindy in a briefing by host Brown Metzger, who will be focusing the conversation about Bob from Cindy’s perspective on the man she adored, and to whom she “was fiercely attracted.”

Bob, the iconic musical genius of the 20th century, dominated the reggae genre famed for its dynamic hypnotic syncopations that denoted as much about love and peace as it did about class struggles in Jamaica, and struggle for political freedom in many parts of the world. Cindy entered Bob’s life when he was an emerging artist just hitting the international stage. She had Damian, Bob’s youngest son, while Bob was married to Rita, which further sparked the taboo relationship. By the time Damian came into the world, Bob had fathered seven children with six women and was a step father to two of Rita’s children from a previous relationship.

Bob’s relationship with Cindy, who came from polite society, sent shock waves throughout the land, testing the very essence of Jamaica’s post-independence identity, “Out of many, one people.”

The “no holds barred” interview promises to be a tour de force and may even include a few revelations.

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