DJ Rebel Muzik returns in this year’s ‘Snowcone & Rum’ event

DJ Rebel Muzik.
DJ Rebel Muzik.
Photo by Brandon Charles of Trinity City Photos

DJ Rebel Muzik will solidify his comeback with his seventh annual event, “Snowcone & Rum,” on June 25 at the 14B Rooftop, Brooklyn, New York.
Patrons at the event can can expect an eyecatching performance from DJ Rebel Muzik.

“Snowcone & Rum” is poised to set the tone for his upcoming events for the rest of the year.

Rebel Muzik’s events incorporate guitar solos, drummers, and special effects, and patrons have come to expect the unexpected. “I want to give fans a show … a visual and musical journey,” said DJ Rebel Muzik.
Already booked for upcoming carnival and events both locally and internationally, the DJ / producer has been busy in his production studio as well.

The DJ has collaborated and produced songs for artists including Lyrikal, Preedy, Teddy Rhymez, Jadel, Mr. Killa, and Konshens.

Rebel’s resume is as impressive as his roster. Born Anderson Bedasi, the Trinidadian born DJ Rebel Muzik earned his namesake from DJing events while enlisted in the military. Though he is well versed in EDM &
house music, he always found a way to represent his Trinidadian culture and Rebel became known for sneaking Soca songs into his event mixes.

Rebel holds a degree in music production and engineering and graduated at the top of his class from the accredited Full Sail University.

Though he has been featured on multiple Times Square billboards and is widely recognized by his peers, Rebel remains humble. He serves as a mentor to local upcoming DJ’s and producers alike.

Added to his list of accolades, Anderson, or Rebel, is also recognized as an appointed teacher of Shao Lin Kung Fu from the government of China.

This “Rebel” has been breaking barriers since he arrived on the scene by always doing the unexpected.

At the upcoming event there will be surprise guests, dishes inspired by this year’s Tokyo theme, and unlimited vibes.