Eugene’s ‘Disconnected Youth’ bill signed into law

Intro 708-A, a bill sponsored by Brooklyn Council Member Dr. Mathieu Eugene, chairman of the City Council’s Youth Services Committee, has been signed into law.

Eugene, who represents the 40th Council District in Brooklyn, said Mayor Bill de Blasio signed the measure on Tuesday.

The bill calls for the creation of a disconnected youth task force that will report to the mayor and the speaker’s office on how to better engage with young adults, ages 16-24, who are either unemployed or not enrolled in educational programs.

Eugene said the legislation represents “another significant step,” as he “works to improve opportunities for disconnected youth across New York City.

“I would like to thank the city agencies who have worked together to make this task force a reality,” he said.. “Our mission from the start has been about finding the best way to utilize our city’s resources to alleviate the issue of disconnected youth.

“The creation of this task force is a significant step in that direction, and demonstrates a profound commitment that is being made to not only the future of our students and their families but also to the future of New York City,” he added.

“Together, we will determine how the process of providing valuable resources to our at-risk children can be improved,” Eugene continued. “I firmly believe that, by working together, we can do a tremendous amount to alleviate this heavy burden on our next generation.”

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