‘Fragmented Scars’ earns coveted table reading at international film festival

From left:Harry Jeudy, Yanatha Desouvre and Samuel Ladouceur.
From left:Harry Jeudy, Yanatha Desouvre and Samuel Ladouceur.
Photo courtesy: Yanatha Desouvre

Haitian award-winning, acclaimed screenwriters and producers Yanatha Desouvre (“The Sweetest Girl”) and Harry Jeudy, WGAE (“A Great Day in Harlem, The Sweetest Girl”) announced that their latest screenplay, “Fragmented Scars”, was a finalist last Friday for the Peachtree Village International Film Festival in Atlanta.
The screenplay was also scheduled for a coveted table reading during the festival.
“Fragmented Scars” is being compared to Oscar winners and critically acclaimed films, “Moonlight” (Best Picture), produced and distributed by A24, and “If Beale Street Can Talk” (Best Supporting Actress), produced and distributed by Annapurna Pictures and Emmy Winner “Dopesick.”
According to The Black List, a leading platform for film and TV writers to showcase their screenplays to industry members, as well as to receive professional feedback, “Fragmented Scars” is “a thoroughly engaging script that has real potential to succeed within the current film marketplace.
“For fans of ‘If Beale Street Can Talk,’ ‘Dopesick’ and ‘Moonlight’, this is a script that deals with an emotionally significant subject matter and tackles real-world issues in a compelling way,” the Black List added.
Inspired by true events from Desouvre’s childhood, “Fragmented Scars” is a true crime thriller.
The drama follows the story of Margaret Goodman, a dauntless investigative journalist, who, after death and havoc, wreaks her community, seeks to find the killers, and brings them to justice, putting her and her family’s lives in imminent danger.
The characters are based on Desouvre’s acclaimed novella “Revelations: Roads to Redemption”, part of the Goodman Chronicles series, which has been described as “James Bond meet Idris Elba’s Luther mixed with Mission Impossible, X-Men, and a dash of Haitian Hot Sauce.”
“The writers did a great job of creating a strong leading female character that could certainly garner interest from great actresses,” the Black List said. “Margaret Goodman is a role that could become a solid vehicle for an actress in her mid-40s, an age range where there is always a need for strong roles
“The story itself is well-contained and could be successfully executed within a modest budget level range, making it appealing for potential financiers,” it added. “With a well-built mystery and crime investigation, the film has the potential to have a good performance at the box office, attracting both male and female audiences, thanks to the presence of a strong female protagonist.
“It’s ultimately a family drama wrapped around a crime mystery,” it continued.
The Peachtree Village International Film Festival, a launchpad for filmmakers and screenwriters, is an international film, music and tech festival featuring some of the world’s Best-In-Class indie and mainstream content.
Desouvre – who was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and raised in Brooklyn, and Philadelphia – told Caribbean Life that the festival provides “memorable and engaging panels, groundbreaking workshops, immersive concerts and exclusive events.”
Desouvre, a member of the faculty of Miami Dade College, is also a best-selling author and an award-winning filmmaker.
Jeudy, who was born in Brooklyn to Haitian immigrants, has over a decade of experience in English, African and African American literature.
He’s also a prolific screenwriter and poet

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