Geoff K. Cooper: A conduit for good news & positive energy

Geoff K. Cooper: A conduit for good news & positive energy
Geoff Cooper.
Photo by Marco Vazquez

Trinidadian-born Geoff K. Cooper is a change agent on a mission to move millions to a higher level of living.

As an entrepreneur, speaker, and youth advocate, for the past 10 years, Cooper has been serving with businesses, organizations and individuals to empower people, particularly, the youth, to live their best life and help others do the same.

He is the editor-in-chief and publisher of GCaribbean Magazine, founder and convener of the Calabash Consortium, Inc. and is a former United Nations Youth Spokesperson for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). GCaribbean’s U.S. base is in New York and Caribbean base is Trinidad and Tobago.

Cooper’s spiritually-rich tradition and humble beginnings in a village in the Caribbean has imbued him with a passion to see people live their best life, and he works tirelessly to ensure that he is a conduit for good news, positive energy and empowering resources.

In 2010, Cooper had a revelation about the Calabash, one of the world’s first cultivated plants.

In every culture globally, the Calabash was used as either a vessel or a raw resource. Cooper saw this as a powerful metaphor for human beings, and has worked to usher in the “Calabash Model” – a paradigm for manifesting service, where everyone recognizes that he/she is a vessel filled with resources and can use the resources to empower his/her selves and others.

After recognizing that no magazine caters to guys in, of and connected to the Caribbean, Cooper created GCaribbean magazine – a lifestyle publication that addresses the interests and indulgences of Caribbean guys with a simply philosophy, “Feel Good, Look Great and Live ‘Genius.’”

Leveraging a unique blend of curated editorial offerings, a sophisticated and vibrant design aesthetic and via varied engagement mediums, GCaribbean magazine is a watering hole for this demographic.




GCaribbean Magazine


Monroe College, with degrees in business management, accounting and finance


“Every accomplishment can be credited to the hard work, dedication and sacrifice of my parents, Eusebio and Christine Cooper.”

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